Can you photocopy a passport ?



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    I got my scanned in Tescos with no problem. I needed to post a copy to a company I work for. Something to do with checking for illegal immigrant employees.
    Here I go again on my own....
  • The reason that some places won't copy official documents such as passports and birth and death certificates and copies of grant of probate etc is that copyright belongs to the Crown ie the state. You are allowed to have them copied for your own personal use in such circumstances to confirm id to a bank etc but the bank is not allowed to make further copies for you to take away etc.
    Never heard of the state prosecuting anyone for this but someone somewhere will probably be able to dispute this.
  • We always take copies of our passport on holiday so that if they get lost/stolen at least you have the info to tell the police and report to British consul to arrange getting home.

    P.S. We keep them separate form the originals!:)
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