Saved £40 on boiler service!

thanks to Martin's newsletter I have just saved myself £40 on getting my boiler serviced with npower!

i am so impressed!

it badly needs a service and i had tried to get a local company in weeks ago but they kept messing me about and not turning up when they said they would. looks like they did me a favour now..wooohooo!!!!:T
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  • Please let us know how it goes... did they book you in quite quickly or is it a few weeks off? Are you an npower customer or will they do what British Gas are doing and service your boiler even if your not an npower customer or have one of their boilers...?
  • NarvaNarva Forumite
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    I have also booked a service for next week, really pleased as boiler is 3 years old and not been looked at yet. !!!
  • EssenchillEssenchill Forumite
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    I'm a bit concerned they are going to make their money back (and more) on the old boilers when they point out that this needs doing and that needs replacing and actually your boiler is no longer safe to use so we cannot allow you to keep using it....! Eek! Our boiler looks ancient and we haven't had it looked at since we moved in (only a year ago) and I'm worried about getting it serviced but think it does need it!
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