World Games Inc.

I have been asked to be involved in a gaming company called World Games Inc.
Has anyone heard of this company and if so could you give me some info about them. ???


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    Hi Steve,

    I shall give you my humble opinion and knowledge on WGI as best as I know it.

    First of all so you can weigh the value of my opinion I’m a member of WGI, but ill try and give an unbiased opinion on it. I have only been a member for a few weeks.

    Basically it has several different methods of making profit. It is not a get rich scheme and does not claim to be. It requires work but the pay outs are meant to be high. It has several different methods of making money. A stocks and shares market game, downline MRM, a sweepstakes lottery and a online casino should you wish to use it. You can partake in all, some or none of the facilities available. You can make profit in many different ways from this.

    My girlfriends parents are Norwegian and have been in WGI for some time and I was incredibly sceptical of it. Yet they where making so much money on WGI that they could actually quit their regular jobs and earn cash from this (they where actively doing this while I was there too) They offered to pay my membership fee so I thought nothing ventured nothing gained! I would not have done this had they not paid my fee!

    I’m really trying not to turn this into a sunshine story.
    Here is what I has happened and is being planned. These are not my thoughts just news and reports of what has been going on.

    Basically they apparently have over 400,000 members and I’m quite sure of that as in Norway as they where all in it! As is Australia, Canada, UK, Norway and some other counties I cant remember. The stocks split 2 times last year (this they did as I witnessed this in December) this amounted to an annual interest of 1400% on your investment.

    You withdraw the money from a cash machine using a proper Visa card that all your profit is credited with. It is massively organised and is more of a company then a scheme and is expected to soon be floated on the stock exchange. They have a proper HQ building in London and are planning to open a ‘Physical’ casino in the UK. Not bad considering it started in 2001 (I think)

    My personal thoughts are this. The Downline MRM is basically a pyramid scheme. They call it something else, but it is a different pew in the same church. The stocks make money as far as I’m concerned. The online casino as with all online casino’s is a dubious as to its legitimacy.

    I think ill stop there. I’m starting to sound like the people who explained it to me. I tried to keep it unbiased but it just started to sound really good!

    Basically if you work with it, it should make money. (like everything else in life) yet for how long I don’t know. They paint their prospects as rosy and things have gone really well so far. Legally it seems legit I hear they are making it water tight before sending it to the U.S as you only get one chance over there.

    I suppose it is fair to say it makes money, as of yet I made none! Yet I have only being doing the stocks and waiting for another split.

    Hope this was of some use to you,
  • I too have been asked to join, so now it is a few months on since your last answer can you tell us how you are doing now?
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    I've recently been introduced to WGI and much as I want to find flaws with WGI, it all seems to be legal. Although maybe not 100% legal.

    I am yet to actually take the plunge and join, and this this down to a few points:

    TAX: At the meeting I attended we were told that the Inland Revenue wouldn't be entitled to Tax you as it was all based around gambling. This is not true and any profit you make through WGI (excluding gambling winnings) SHOULD BE DECLARED as earnings, and the tax man is entitled to his cut. As far as I am aware this is still not being mentioned by WGI and therefore alot of people who are joining the scheme could be in for a shock!

    MLM/ PYRAMID SCHEMES: WGI IS A PYRAMID SCHEME! Although a very clever one. As long as there is people in the world who want to join and gamble the company will keep going. This is where I see problems arising in the future. I don't expect every memeber to use the online games. Therefore the majority of the company's income will come from membership fees. And that may not be a completely inexaustable.

    IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!: And therfore probably is.
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    we were given a folder of info yesterday from someone keen to invite us to join.....I think its impossible to make long term gains. I too was put off immediately by the the details all being quoted in swiss francs.....yet it claims to be successful in norway......and I didnt realise the card was held offshore...
    there were testimonial letters at the back....from people who have given up work and hope to make a million from £200 investment!

    instinctively I feel something is not right and we will not be joining.
    x x x
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    After reading the posts on this forum, i thought I should comment. I am a WGI member, so you will probably consider me to be biased, but if you're over looking this you might be overlooking a business opportunity like no other.
    When you talk to some members that are earning substantial incomes (30,000.00 euro p/week!) it sort of changes your perspective a little. Personally, I have not made a great deal out of it yet, but I have studied the facts and can see the enormous potential.
    WGI is not just an online casino, that is just the basis of the business, WGI is a relationship marketing scheme...NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME. In a pyramid scheme, the guy at the top makes the most money, with WGI anyone can make just as much money as anyone else..or more!! Thats network marketing.
    Online casinos are the biggest growth industry on the net today, with the US coming soon the potential is enormous. The virtual stock market is just that, virtual. It is just a game. But not just any old game, this is different. 30% of all profit from the relationship marketing and 30% of the sweepstakes winnings are invested in the virtual stock market, continually driving the value of the shares up.
    People say "it's too good to be true", I say "If you don't take a chance, you don't have a chance!"
    This is a business, where else could you startup your own business with such low startup costs? (65-600 Euro)How long until you see a profit? How many hours would you have to put in to get it up and running?
    As with all business, you need to put work into it, to get money out. But a couple of hours a week, attending the odd meeting etc. is nothing, but nobody can make your mind up for you, it's up to you to decide if you want to get involved.

    If you would like more info E-mail:
    [email protected]

    Or vist: and enter username: colin76 for more info.

    ...and keep an open mind.
  • Worldgames Inc is ok, Im a member of it joined over a yaer ago and has 4doubled the money I went in with, it has today about half amillon members and its forcast is a million by the end of the year. It has been going on for about three years or more and is still growing but..
    I withdrawn my money there and joined a new started simolar company called clixogaming, it started a couple of months ago and was up and going for about a month ago and is growing very rapidly with about 50- 100 members a day (reached a total of 3600 members yesterday) its forcast is to have 10000 members by 1st of July and ofcourse the chance of making money is to be there in the start just like the ones that joined WGI in the beginning has made a small fortune. This is built up similar with a virtuell stockmarket game and competions in tetris every week the winner makes about 3000 euro. There are also lotteries 3 a week were they pay out 10€ monday and 30€ wednesday and 30€ friday of the courtage that the stockmarket game brings in, there are also true or false competition with about the same pricemoney every week.
    If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to email me and I will send you more info and answer your questions
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    Maybe you might want to read part of an article I pasted on here:

    Scam Alert : World Games, Inc
    Six people in Southern Alberta are among 8 people charged with operating an illegal pyramid and lottery scheme. These arrests could have a huge ripple effect for several thousand people in Alberta and over 400,000 people worldwide who have invested in World Games Inc. (WGI)
    A joint task force compiled of Calgary City Police, RCMP in Calgary and Lethbridge, the Alberta Gaming Commission and Alberta Justice has completed an 18 month investigation into WGI. Police say WGI is an illegal investment and gambling company which operates through a web site on the internet.
    They say people are recruited to join WGI on three different levels, each varying in cost, and can invest in a virtual stock market . Members can trade shares but 30% of any earnings must be reinvested in World Games Inc. If they sign up new members underneath them they receive points that can be traded for money, which is automatically deposited into their bank accounts. Staff Sergeant Joe Houben with the Calgary Police Commercial Crime Unit says the only way to make money is to recruit more people underneath you.
  • :D I've been in World Games Inc. now for 7 months and the Royal Navy for 25 years. I know which I prefer and I am going all out to make this work for me. This company is going places and I would advise anyone who has the desire and determination to secure your own and your families financial future to give it a go. DARE TO FAIL! For more info on WGI please contact me on [email protected]
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     For more info on WGI please contact me on  [email protected]

    No. We'll have an open discussion in this public forum, thanks.
  • WGI and their virtual stock market game is
    a "non-zero-sum game."

    For example, I buy IBM for $75.
    I sell it a week later for $85 to Stock Buyer #2.
    Stock Buyer #2 sells the same stock a week later
    for $95. I made money and Stock Buyer #2 made money.
    --- No one lost money.

    This same process can yield losses when when the
    stock price declines. For Example: If I buy IBM
    at $95 and sell it to Stock Buyer #2 for $85 and
    Stock Buyer #2 sells it for $75, then we both have
    a loss.

    You must also take into consideration that it's possible
    to have a "negative-sum" situation. ie: Commissions and overhead must be taken into consideration. If the
    commissions and overhead are greater than
    your total profit, then you will incur a loss.

    World Games Stock Market Game operates
    under the exact same principle.

    Many intuitive people that joined World Games and took advantage of their IPO are extremely glad they did!

    Speaking of IPO's .... check out:

    (Apparently they are not MLM or Network Marketing)

    Take Care!

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