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macgas/flogas merger.... any reviews on flogas?
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# 1
Old 19-05-2013, 9:23 PM
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Default macgas/flogas merger.... any reviews on flogas?

just had a letter through th post. despite BP being bought out by macgas, it now appears macgas have been bought out by flogas....

now i know macgas didnt have the best of reputations, does anyone have an opinin of flogas for lpg supply?

what is their price like in particular?
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# 2
Old 19-05-2013, 10:42 PM
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Flogas used to be our supplier for the cooking LPG tanks we have, they were always a few quid cheaper than any other local retailer and we were very happy with them.
Then the BP garage where we used to buy it was bought out by a different company and they switched to Calor and up went the prices
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# 3
Old 21-05-2013, 8:53 AM
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Originally Posted by PaulF81 View Post
does anyone have an opinin of flogas for lpg supply?
With 1500 posts to your name, I would have thought you may have used the search facility first

Most results, I suspect would feature the word 'bargepole'!
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# 4
Old 21-05-2013, 5:15 PM
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Join Date: Dec 2011
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did the search, found very little.
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# 5
Old 21-05-2013, 6:19 PM
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Hi Paul,

Surprised a search didn't turn up much as folks have been pretty vocal here about Flogas! Indeed I think they have the worst reputation here of any supplier and in the LPG market that is saying something! Oh the irony when they used to market themselves as "the friendliest LPG supplier"!!!

Anyway as suggested searches on "bargepoles", "Dick Turpin", "Expensiv-gas" and "utter b**tards" may reveal more enlightening and entertaining results. Alternatively just wait until winter when they start jacking up their prices and the board here will come alive with accounts of Flogas woe.

As you may have detected from the above personally I wouldn't touch Flogas again. I like to think I'm a fairly easygoing kind of person but Flogas boiled my blood more than any company has done before!

Key issues were:

1) Steep price increases - back in the winter of 2010/11 they increased the price per litre on me by about 60% (it went from something like 39ppl in Oct up to 59ppl or so in February when I left). I think this was before there was all the attention on the 2-year supply contracts having caps but nevertheless it tells you that this company will try to get away with shafting their customers.

What was particularly annoying is that the price increases were always immediate (so no time to top-up ahead of the increase), no justification was given and there was no debate with customer services - like it or lump it and freeze!

2) Supply issues - maybe this was more to do with the bad winter of 2010/11 but they started to ration LPG, eg. would only give us a fill to 50%. I don't expect a national company like Flogas to have such issues and I wasn't aware of BP, Shell, etc having such issues. My suspicion was in fact that they didn't want to fill me up because they were increasing the price every month so better to keep me coming back.

3) Unfair/questionable practices - Flogas have appeared on a couple of consumer programmes for unfair practices. Most recently on "Don't Get Done Get Dom" where they were found to be charging everyone on a particular estate different amount - eg. Mr X was paying 40ppl and his neighbour Mr Y was paying 80ppl. It was usually the older folks who were getting charged the most.

Hope that helps a bit. As you can probably detect, from my experiences I'd advise steering well clear of Flogas - it's just not worth the stress. It's rather concerning to hear they are continuing to buy up more independents - soon there will be no option but to buy from Flogas I guess. I dread to think how unscrupulous they will become when they have folks by the short and curlies ...

Anyways don't just take my word for it:
(admittedly not very recent but you know what they say about leopards and their spots)

Hopefully others will chime in here with their opinions.

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