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Average water bill for family of 4 (2 adults, 2 small children)?
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# 1
Old 08-02-2011, 11:27 AM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Jan 2010
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Default Average water bill for family of 4 (2 adults, 2 small children)?

Hello, we are moving to a metered property and I just wanted to find out what the average monthly or yearly water bill is likely to be for a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 small children) so I can put some money aside to cover the bill each month? We both have showers every day, mine for about 5 minutes and my husband for about 15 minutes, other than that just the normal usage - washing up, kids bath 3 times a week, washing machine on approx 3 times a week and lots of tea . Thanks!
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# 2
Old 08-02-2011, 11:49 AM
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What company are you with? The charges vary quite a lot between regions. If you are on a meter then take a reading then take another reading exactly 1 week later multiply it by 13 for a quarterly bill then multiply it by the rate shown on your bill to estimate the bill. The drainage charge also varies depending on the style of house you have flat/terrace, semi or detached.

Most people use around 150 litres per person per day or around 13 cubic metres in 3 months.
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# 3
Old 08-02-2011, 11:52 AM
Fantastically Fervent MoneySaving Super Fan
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My last quarterly bill from Yorkshire Water with around the same usage as you have described was £70.11
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# 4
Old 08-02-2011, 11:57 AM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 157

We are with Thames Water. It is a two bed flat in a block and it is an old (1920's-ish block).
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# 5
Old 08-02-2011, 12:01 PM
MoneySaving Stalwart
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You forgot toilet flushing

Working out usage is tricky to be honest. It could be anywhere between 80 and 200 litres per person per day but you need to educate your hubby to have shorter showers. Shower flow rates can vary between 4l/minute and upto 20 litres per minute. This mean your husband could be using between anywhere between 60l per shower upto 300 litres per shower

In comparison your 5 minute shower would use between 20l and 100 litres.

I doubt you would be underbudgeting assuming an average consumption of 500 litres per day, typical measured consumption wher I live is around 140 l/person/day but average occupancy is around 2.6 or something and higher occupancy households have lower per person consumption. This would be 300 pounds of water charges per year and an equal amount for sewerage plus the fixed charge. So that would be around 650 quid a year. If you use your water efficiently you can save quite a lot on this. The consumption I have stated is probably on the high side but it's probably better to overbudget to begin with rather than being left with a shortfall.

A number of water companies give away free water saving devices to their customers so see if you can get any of these. Turn the tap off when shaving or cleaning your teeth. Get a shower timer for your husband and tell him he can have a 5 min shower like you. If you have a dishwasher make sure it is full before you run it and the same for washing clothes. Keep a jug of water in the fridge if possible for drinking rather than running the tap for cooler water. If you enjoy gardening get a water butt to cut those costs. If your toilets in the new house are dual flush then use the half flush for liquids and full flush for solids.

If you try and use water efficiently you should hopefully get a nice suprise when your bill comes in.
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# 6
Old 08-02-2011, 12:04 PM
Deliciously Dedicated Diehard MoneySaving Devotee
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The biggest factor is where you live. For instance charges in the South West are more than double some other regions.

If you look up the water company's website(who covers your area) and estimate 200 cubic metres per year for your family you will get some indication. Don't forget you have to pay for water, used water(sewerage) and standing charges.
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