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Guide to remove TV channel groups you don't want (Freeview, DTV)
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 02-10-2009, 6:23 PM
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Default Guide to remove TV channel groups you don't want (Freeview, DTV)

Update: It's actually easier to select favourite channels one by one, then in the digital Program Guide set it to display only your favourites. That way none of the things you don't want clutter up the program guide. Similarly, selecting Skip/Block for the channels you don't like, and you won't come across them. So the rest of the thread is sadly redundant, oh well. At least its a good guide to manually tuning DTV, if you ever need to.

And you have to admit, Mux A doesn't have too many redeeming features, so its not a shame to have removed it entirely

Original thread:
I wanted to remove the clutter of channels I didn't watch, to make the TV guide easier to read and to cover only the channels I actually watch - instead of having to routinely scroll down the list. I really don't like all of those 'bid TV' type shows in particular. Many TVs don't actually give you the option to remove unwanted channels, except apparently some Toshiba or Vestel based TVs.

The next best option then is to
manually put in the groups (multiplexes) of channels that you like, and not putting in the groups of channels that you don't like. Of course it is slightly more complicated than that, but not much. I will do my best to explain.

a) Freeview TV channels in the UK are grouped into 6 'multiplexes'. Each multiplex (Mux) will carry a certain list of TV channels and radio stations. For example, Mux 1 carries most of the BBC channels, while Mux A carries most of the bidding/shopping type of channels.

b) Each Mux comes with a UHF channel that differs from area to area. For example in Sheffield, Mux 1 is UHF channel 39. So when I manually tune the TV for UHF 39, then it automatically adds the BBC channels from Mux 1.

c) There are a number of listings to show which TV channels belong to which Multiplex. Just use the list which you find easiest to read: digitalspy(;
unsatisfactorysoftware( &hist=&data=&pr=&disp=1&oair=).

Alternatively I've listed the channels of each multiplex below.

d) This ofcom( guide shows by areas of the UK, what the UHF channels are for each Mux. It looks more complicated than it needs to be - just look at your area, the UHF channel, and the 6 Multiplexes. You will need to know the UHF channel in order to manually enter this into your TV.

So essentially, you just (1) work out which of the 6 channel groups (multiplexes) you like; (2) Find out the relevant UHF Channels for your area from Ofcom; (3) clear the channels from your TV; (4) manually add each multiplex to your TV. Follow the manual/guide of your TV.

Freeview Multiplex Listings for the UK
Mux 1 - most of the BBC channels
BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC3, CBBC, BBC News;
BBC Red button 105 (data)

Mux 2 - most of the main channels with ads
ITV1, 4, Five, ITV2, 4+1, More 4, E4, ITV
Teletex 100, 102 Rabbit, 106 DirectGov, Gay Rabbit 107 (text)
Heart 728 (radio)

Mux A - most of the annoying shopping but also Virgin1 & TeachersTV
ITV3, QVC, Gold, Virgin1, bit tv, Home, Fiver, Five USA, Quest, SuperCasino, CITV, CNN, Teacher's TV, Partyland
ESPN, Television X, TopUp Anytime1, TopUp Anytime2, TopUp Anytime3 (pay)
Ttext Holidays, Teletext Casino, 1-2-1 Dating, Mobilizer (text)
Smash Hits! (radio)

Mux B - the rest of the BBC programs including radio - moving to Mux 1 at DSO
BBC4, CBeebies, BBC Parliament, Community, 301, 302, 303 (data), 305
BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, 2, 3, 4, R5L, 5LSX, 6Music, 7, Asian Network, World Service (radio)

Mux C - some more ad supported networks including Dave
Sky 3, Dave, E4+1, price-drop tv, Sky News, Sky Sports News, smileTV3
Sky Text, Trove (text)
talkSPORT, Premier Radio, Absolute Radio (radio)

Mux D - music channels, smile TV, Film4
Yesterday, Film4, 4Music, TMF, Ideal World, ITV4, Dave Da Vu, Big Deal, Virgin 1+1, Create & Craft, Rocks & Co, Lottery Xtra, Russia Today, smileTV2, Babestation, TopuUp Anytime4
4TVinteractive (text)
Kiss, Heat, Magic, Q, smooth fm, Kerrang! (radio)

So firstly I cleared the channels from my LG TV (did automatic tune, and stopped it immediately so that it didn't pick anything up). Then I selected Manual tune. First I selected Sheffield's Mux 1 (UHF Channel 39 in Sheffield) followed by Mux B (UHF 60 in Shef) to get all the BBC programs. I like Midsomer Murders on ITV1, so I needed Mux 2 (UHF 53 in Shef). I also like the BBC repeats on Dave, so lastly I needed Mux C (UHF 45 in Shef), albeit at the expense of having 'price-drop tv' in the list. Using the UHF channels to manually get multiplexes was a lot faster than using the automatic tune. I skipped Mux A as I don't really watch Virgin, and I dislike most of the channels it carries, and Mux D as I don't watch Film4, the music channels, the craft, or any of the shopping channels!

Having Mux 1, 2 & C means that I get Price drop TV, CBBC, & SmileTV3 which I don't watch - so I just set the TV to skip these programs, but I still see them in the program guide which is no big deal. My program guide is much easier to browse now!

(I didn't actually know anything about Multiplexes or such - I'd actually sat there with a pen and paper, and manually wrote down the UHF channel for each of the channels that I wanted to keep. That was when I realised they were grouped together, so I realised I'd have to also look at the channels I wanted to get rid of, and hope there wasn't much overlap. It was only after I'd done it myself, that I went online and looked at what I had actually done).

I hope this guide helps. Please let me know if I wasn't clear on any point. Also make sure to refer to your TV manual.

Last edited by RussJK; 03-10-2009 at 8:58 AM. Reason: Redundant; Formatting; changed "soon" to "DSO" with BBC
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# 2
Old 02-10-2009, 6:35 PM
MoneySaving Convert
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Location: Yorkshire
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The BBC channals on Max B will indeed be moving to Mux 1, to join the rest of the BBC channels there, but as I ubderstand it only when an area goes over to digital only. So this may occur in some areas very soon, if not already, and others not until 2012.

The only other problem with your method is when the channels move, as they frequently do at the moment, then you'll have to carry out the process yet again. At least a lot of the channels are now grouped such as all the "adult" ones are now back in the 90's once again.
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# 3
Old 02-10-2009, 6:58 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Yorkshire
Posts: 72

Glad my information was some help to you.

I've also just thought of another way which works with Panasonic and Sony equipment as you can block the channel concerned so that it doesn't show as you're "channel hopping" with the remote. It will then update as required when the channels are frequently altered. Not sure if that can be done with any other makes so can others confirm if this is so with them?
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# 4
Old 02-10-2009, 8:53 PM
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I have a channel list/ programme guide showing every programme I can receive.
It is easy to delete individual programmes .
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# 5
Old 02-10-2009, 9:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Luctongirl View Post
I have a channel list/ programme guide showing every programme I can receive.
It is easy to delete individual programmes .
I have a favourites list and can set the guide to display favourites - so I only see the channels I want to see
Not even wrong
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# 6
Old 02-10-2009, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Twopints View Post
I have a favourites list and can set the guide to display favourites - so I only see the channels I want to see
Indeed, so do I, this by far the best way to have the channels you watch in a list, there is no need to delete other channels from your normal TV listing either.

Most, if not all Freeview Receivers and TV's have this facility.
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