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    Cardboard Boxes and children
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    • 4th Oct 05, 12:21 PM
    Cardboard Boxes and children 4th Oct 05 at 12:21 PM
    How many times have you heard the old saying that the kids prefer the boxes to the toys? Well I know that I used to play with boxes when I was little but I underestimated just how much fun an empty box can provide. I've just discovered that my 21 month old is a chip off the old block.

    After watching her play with/in a cardboard box for the past week I urge all the Mums out there with young children to get a BIG, old fashioned, cardboard box from somewhere and marvel at hours of free entertainment that it brings. You can't get more old style than that can you?

    Christmas is gonna be cheap this year lol!
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    • apprentice tycoon
    • By apprentice tycoon 4th Oct 05, 12:40 PM
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    apprentice tycoon
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    • 4th Oct 05, 12:40 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 12:40 PM
    Same with cats...give'em a cardboard box and they love it, i've never met a cat who could walk past a box without getting in for a snooze
    • Nile
    • By Nile 4th Oct 05, 1:10 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 1:10 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 1:10 PM
    Good suggestion Jay-Jay.

    Be cheeky and ask for more than one large cardboard box. You can fold them down flat and keep a couple in reserve for when the original box is all played out.

    As most supermarkets are reluctant to pass boxes on to customers, you could ask at a firm with a goods inwards department.

    In my building (a warehouse with a goods inwards function) we get lots of people asking for cardboard boxes and packing materials for when they're moving house.
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    • MATH
    • By MATH 4th Oct 05, 1:24 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 1:24 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 1:24 PM
    What other toy can you get that is free. A police car in the morning, a market stall in the afternoon, a place where the scary dragon lives by tea time and a rowing boat to sit in for your bedtime milk? Cardboard boxes are blinking good value and feed your kidz imagination.
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  • benji173
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    • 4th Oct 05, 7:19 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 7:19 PM
    I used to love my cardboard boxes. We'd go to Kwik Save, get the food, then go and get tons of boxes. Smaller ones were good too when i was slightly older, you put them on your head so you can't see, great fun, you need to remember to draw a face on though, it isnt the same without one.
    • DaisyNelson
    • By DaisyNelson 4th Oct 05, 7:23 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 7:23 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 7:23 PM
    We once gave my nephew an empty cardboard box for christmas (nicely wrapped) and told him it was an Action Man Deserter.
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  • Gingham Ribbon
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    • 4th Oct 05, 7:26 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 7:26 PM
    I have a 21 month old too. Last Christmas, he spent hours playing with a cardboard box that he'd managed to make into a slide.

    The other day, I suggested to my DH that he would maybe like a wendy house to play in but they are expensive. I came upstairs for a play on the computer and when I came back down 15 minutes later, he'd made our son a wendy house out of 4 cardboard boxes stuck together with parcel tape. It had a door, window and sky light. It was a total hit. And free!
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  • Jay-Jay
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    • 4th Oct 05, 7:59 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 7:59 PM

    When I was little my Dad brought home some really big, thick boxes. I cut a door out and made a door handle out of a duffel coat toggle. I cut out windows, made some tissue curtains and created a cardboard table too. Then I put the cat inside the box and held the door shut :rolleyes: I was gutted when she escaped through the window.... anybody would think she didn't like the house I had created for her? :confused: :rolleyes:
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    • Savvy_Sue
    • By Savvy_Sue 4th Oct 05, 8:00 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 8:00 PM
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    • 4th Oct 05, 8:00 PM
    We bought a new lawnmower this summer and my 13 year old - yes that's right 13 YEAR old - climbed into the empty box ...
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    • skylight
    • By skylight 4th Oct 05, 8:12 PM
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    My youngest 2 had great fun last week - a house, a ship (pirates and sharks!), a car, a tent.

    It fell apart after a week and we put it into strips, cellotaped them to their arms and legs and they were robots!
    Lara is asking when is she getting a new box.

    Sod the whole toybox of stuff they have!!
    • Alleycat
    • By Alleycat 4th Oct 05, 8:54 PM
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    I'm going to wrap a cardboard box in shiny paper for my 8 month old (will be nearly 1, eek!) for christmas. At the moment she has a smallish box that she loves playing with filled with loads of random stuff, a potato masher, old mobile phone, old pair of glasses, ribbon etc. She can spend hours sat there emptying out the box, examining all the stuff and then putting it all back in again!

    Jayjay, I love your story of your cardboard box! We had such great imagination when we were little didn't we? One thing I can't wait to do with Jessica is to make a miniature garden out of an old plant tray, moss, bits of gravel etc. We used to make one every year with my dad. I used to get blades of grass to make fern type plants (sorry can't remember the name) and surround them in gravel to make a rock garden.
  • competitionscafe
    You can even buy ready made cardboard play houses now!

    (Of course Old Stylers will make their own, it's easy enough)
    Last edited by competitionscafe; 04-10-2005 at 9:52 PM.
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  • Jay-Jay
    You can even buy ready made cardboard play houses now!

    (Of course Old Stylers will make their own, it's easy enough)
    by competitionscafe

    LMAO... that's like the one I made for the cat (only mine was better!)

    If I'd known then that it would be worth twenty two quid I'd have saved the flippin thing...... could've e-bayed it :rolleyes:

    The things some folk'll buy!!!! :confused:
    Just run, run and keep on running!

    • Sweet Pea
    • By Sweet Pea 4th Oct 05, 9:59 PM
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    Sweet Pea
    My two DD's love boxes too, (and they are 9 + almost 7) large ones for turning into boats, houses etc, medium sized ones they turn into dolls houses, and cereal boxes they love to make things out of too, ie, car parks to go with the cardboard supermarket, (just draw a few lines for car parking spaces) fields to go with the toy farm (just colour or paint the cardboard green) masks, (just attach a bit of shearing elastic to keep it on) egg boxes, (crocodile puppets) in fact you can't move in our house for things they have made out of paper and card. No cardboard box ever makes it as far as the recycling box and I have resorted to hiding my sellotape because they love the stuff. My OH loves nothing better than constructing something wierd and wonderful for them out of a cardboard box.
    Meanwhile all the expensive toys are languishing un-played-with in their bedrooms upstairs.
    • foreverskint
    • By foreverskint 4th Oct 05, 10:41 PM
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    Not quite a cardboard box, but my two year old had lots of those plastic storage boxes to keep her toys tidy. Ha ha do they heck, she tips he toys out and uses the plastic boxes as dolls cots, doggy beds, boats cars, trains, anything but keep toys in . She likes cardboard boxes,but does get frustrated that they don't quite take the wear & tear like the plastic ones, and it usuall ends in tears.

    It does make you wonder though why we do waste so much 'real' toys, when the boxes they come in/are store in seem to be so much more attractive. I mean why use her lovely wooden table and chair, when a couple of up-turned boxes are soo much better!
    I don't bother with bath toys now as the bits she pinches from my kitchen, seem much more fun. Just before bath time theres a little naked toddler dashing through the house seeing what she can 'use' in the bath. Tonight it was tupperware and a pastry brush, along with a wooden spoon.:confused:
    I've taken to buying pastry brushes two at a time, one for me and one for her!

    Maybe for christmas we should by pass the pantomime and head for a tupperware party!!!
    • culpepper
    • By culpepper 5th Oct 05, 9:51 AM
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    Small boxes are lovely for making individual rooms for dolls house play.
    When I was about 15,I used to make room 'settings' like interior designers do.All the furniture was made from rubbish.I used to borrow interior design books from the library for ideas.
    Ikea do individal cardboard rooms for making your own dolls house.
    My dad made me a marble game from a cardboard box.He stood it uside down and drew a half grinning face on it with the teeth at the bottom then cut out some of the teeth and wrote 'scores' above them.
    When the kids were little and had friends in to play,they liked to gnab the bigger boxes(kept in the shed for the purpose) to play with .One little boy was not allowed to play with 'rubbish' at home so must have found our house quite liberating.
  • mysterymum
    For my sons 8th birthday I got a large box and filled it with small boxes, cardboard tubes etc and a roll of sellotape. I wraped it up and put it with the other stuff I paid a fortune for...guess what he played with the longest,( and he still loves boxes at 12!!)
    • Frogling
    • By Frogling 12th Oct 05, 4:22 PM
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    Yep, my two little ones love cardboard boxes. Cars, boats, planes, and even a place to hide their lunch (I thought they'd eaten it all up like good girls: you can't wash gravy out of cardboard lol!)

    Don't forget, if you get a big enough box you can get in it yourself and hide from the pressures of everyday life! That's what I do when my two toddlers go hyper - hide!
  • mad auntie alis
    Well, speaking as a vintage mum with no money (spent it all on getting the little dear!) my dd (now 20!) was delighted with boxes for YEARS - but the one I remember best was keeping her quiet in the car with a milk powder tin, rectangular hole in the top, and headscarves(Oxfam refugees.. well washed).. tied magician fashion....once they were out she would play with them on her head, play peep bo with them over her face, look through the translucent ones, feel the different textures, and joy of joys, try to put them BACK in the tin again... the tidiness part didn't last through teenage, but she now studies costume design at Uni. And to think it all started with those scarves...
    You never know what fruit your money saving may bring!
    • skylight
    • By skylight 12th Oct 05, 7:59 PM
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    Boxes go back years!

    I remember when my Mum spent months searching for my brother ALL the original Star Wars toys (damaged and lost since!). My parents spent a lot of money and he had every play toy/character you can imagine.

    When me had made Robot outfits from the boxes and Dad was taking photos and playing too and laughing(and hadn't touched the Star Wars stuff) we couldn't understand why she was crying.......................
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