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This has got me pondering! I am in the unfortunate position where I have to shuffle my balances around on my credit cards and look for the best deals for maybe the next 24 months.

I am good at it and keep most of my balances on all my cards at 0%. (1 long term 3.9% big balance)

Currently I have £1900 on a card which is at 0% till 31/08 i would have paid this off in this month of august but circumstances are a bit against me (Boiler blew up!!!)

I currently have £11900 on a card (long term 3.9%) with a credit limit of £16700 my question is do i transfer the £1900 on to it taking it up to £13800? or pay it off, could do it in 6 months approx.

I don't like being close to limits and i recently put £2500 across to this card, i don't want to pay "full fat" interest on the £1900 but i,m also not keen on taking my balance closer to the £16700 (although its still a way off i guess)

What would others do? I don't use the "big balance" card at all by the way.


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