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August 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 30 July 2011 at 5:49PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • ixiaixia Forumite
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    spent £9.75 in mr A's todayy wasn't needing anything, just can't help picking stuff up.

    I was car sharing today and went in with my friend need vto stay in carpark next time :rotfl:
  • boultdjboultdj Forumite
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    And another £12.54 given to Mr.M.
    Grocery Challenge Nov £300/£296.65
    G C March £225/£246.40
    April G C £250 / £347.03
    Feb G C £250/ 247.80
    2020 club
  • becky170becky170 Forumite
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    Well my grocery challenge month ends on thursday, and I think this month I may come under budget :) So far I've spend £121.06 out of my £130 budget, which includes 2 bottles of wine and nibbles to take to gatherings over the weekend. Just got to get some treats for taking to the cinema tomorrow night and then that will be me done for August :)
    MFW 2020 #7 £1712/£3000
  • I haven't been on here for a couple of months at a guess as my time has been too consumed with hospital visits. I have been watchful of my budget but have not bothered to keep track of it due to circumstances so I am going to guesstimate the missing months which I think will be July and August and count them as full spends. From September life will hopefully resume to some sort of normallity when hubby has finished his chemo and I can sort out my work pattern to something normal again-at least I still have a job-the company have been supportive along with my workmate.My dd finished and passed her proffessional cookery course(level2)so between her and myself we are wellfed although she has yet to learn the skills of fully adapting the recipes(getting there)for moneysaving and does tend to use full quantities of meat in the recipes whereas I usually use half. DD has used the slowcooker for the first time today and we have a beef stew almost done-I did the dumplings as she has not made those yet. Moneywise things improved upon what I had forcasted as we are getting more child tax credit until dd is 19(18 months yet)it will be after that time that we will need to tighten our belts but I do not forcast any problems as we are welltrained! I hope everyone else is doing well and those with heath issues are getting good news. Big hugs to all.X
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • freakyogrefreakyogre Forumite
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    £12.53 spent in Asda yesterday (£4.00 for parking was taken off, but i'll include it).

    Got quite a bit for that including 2 packs of grapes for 15p each (small packs, but still a bargain) and a bag of potatoes reduced to 40p.

    I shouldn't need much else before the end of the month.
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • I adapted a previous recipe tonight(fruit cobbler)and made a few changes. I chose plums as we have a surplus from the plum tree and they need using up. Any fruit could be used including apples/dried fruit or drained tinned fruit. This recipe serves 6 people and if you have free fruit like me costs approx 40p(for 6 servings) if using a free range egg. The egg was not in the original recipe so could be omitted. I made a a couple of pints of custard to go with mine. If you use full cream milk you can use less milk and add 25% water for your custard. As a guide custard takes approx 4/5 mins in the micro for a pint. Otherwise just follow instructions for custard on the tub.

    Plum Cobbler

    8 oz SR flour (or 8 oz plain flour and 2 tsp of baking powder)
    1 egg(optional)
    3 or 4 oz sugar
    6 ripe plums stoned and quartered(leave the skins on)
    2 teaspoons of Garam Masala or mixed spice
    Enough milk or milk/water or just water to mix

    Beat the egg in large mixing bowl
    Add flour sugar and Garam Masala(or mixed spice)
    Stir in enough milk or milk/water to mix to a consistency like you would use for sponge cake

    Pour half of this into a greased bowl or medium sized casserole dish-making sure it is only just over half full when all the mixture is in.
    Place the plums in the casserole on top of the mixture so they are evenly spread.
    Add the rest of the mixture.
    Cover with clingfilm and pierce about 8 times

    Put in micro and cook on full for approx 5 or 6 mins. Better to undercook than overcook as it will go rock hard if cooked for too long. If its wet in the middle pop it back in for another minute. Let it stand for a few minutes.

    Serve with custard, syrup or ice cream

    If you omit the egg and use water to mix and have free fruit it would only cost about 15p total. The custard can be made with half fullcream milk and half water if desired-this would cost approx 40p

    Custard can be made cheaply by using cornflour instead of custard powder(same thing) and adding a little yellow food colouring if it "has" to be yellow. You can use dried milk powder,long life milk,evaporated milk or fresh milk,goats milk etc. I often "use up" such items for custard.
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • KolaKubeKolaKube Forumite
    427 posts

    Well, one thing led to another and £53.67 spent this evening at MrT :o Did get a decent trolley load of shopping for 6 that with a few nice treats for doing so well sticking to our budgets for this month as our first on one wage :j

    OH needed a few toiletries (shaving foam and deodorant, he was happy with MrTs own, which I was quite surprised by, I'm proud of him for suggesting it!)

    Bargains included some of the £2.50 chickens (one will be jointed by OH and used tomorrow and the other frozen), bakery rolls reduced to 30p for a pack of 8 x2, MrT roast chicken cupasoup reduced to 34p a pack of 6 (?why - they must be changing the packaging?) - picked up 3 of these for the storecupboard.

    Added to our stock with lots of 16p cans of kidney beans (I'm anticipating these will go up soon perhaps!), 17p tomato soup, and 15p packs of stuffing (we do make our own but these are quite handy, especially for 15p!), and 29p jam.

    Had an entertaining conversation with a woman who I noticed looking for ages in the canned fish aisle picking cans up and putting them down about how both of us worked full time jobs but neither of us could afford to buy tuna at the moment :rotfl: glad its not just me!
    MFW Sept 2013 Starting balance: £101160.59 25 years :eek:
    OPs 2013-2014: £64.33 :o MFW #78
  • I've not been here for a couple of weeks, but finally got round to updating my signature. With 8 days to go in August I've almost hit my monthly budget and will almost definitely go over now as I've still got to pay for DDs school lunches for next week.

    I'm still very happy as this was my first attempt and I've come in pretty close.

    I've also included all my fuel spend into this which on its own came to almost £75 so far, not sure whether I should include it in the next month or not. What does everyone else do?

    Had a real wake up call the other day when my DD asked me to go for lunch to the local M&S cafe. 2 toasties with salad, coffee for me and a juice for her came to £12.10 :eek: I couldn't even digest my food after that. To make matters worse I noticed a family having lunch next to us with 3 little ones. well, they ordered 1 toastie to share btw adults and 1 teacake for the older kids to share, the baby had a jar of food. It really made think about these little spends that all add up at the end of the month and I decided to be a lot more careful from now.
  • have been doing a bit of shopping as have has alot of money off from mr t and mr s. am now at 141.88 and will need to by some lunch bits at weekend so will go over by a small amount i think. hope everyone is doing well
    72,77/ 150.00 - sept gc
    159.46/150.00 - aug gc
  • Apologies for not posting my August GC aim till almost the end of the month but this month I'm aiming for £200. So far I've spent £135.82, I have to do a shop this week but that should be it till September budget.

    Thanks to all who set up and run this thread, even though I don't post often I am comitted to GC and have stuck to it all year and have done realy well.

    Thanks all

    prophecy xxx
    *** PROPHECY_GRRL***
    *** DEBT FREE AS OF 17/10/11 - I DID IT!!! ***
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