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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 February 2011 at 12:01AM in Old style MoneySaving
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  • martafdzmartafdz Forumite
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    I am making the "All in One Apple cake" from the index (thanks Rosieben again for tiding it up!). It smells gorgeous! I have never made an apple cake, so I am looking forward to it. I had a few apples that were going off and this recipe has all basic ingredients and no fuss, so it was worth to try. helen jelly, my mixture is quite thick, I hope I did it right!
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  • HippeechiqHippeechiq Forumite
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    Welcome Aldahbra, MumOf2Beasties, Silvermaid & tigerfeet2006 :hello:
    tea tonite- pork loins, mash veg and gravy.
    need to do a meal plan again for another week. keep up the good work all
    We had Sticky Pork Loin Tuesday night. Smeared loin steaks with wholegrain mustard, then rolled in dark brown sugar and grilled - new recipe I found last month, and it's very, very nice :)

    Another NSD here - I'm doing better than I thought I would this week considering I started the week with £8.68.

    I see £idls have Diced Pork and Pork Loin Medallions on offer this week and weekend. I need some diced pork for my Boston Casserole in a couple of weeks time but even though the Diced Pork is on offer, it will work out cheaper for me to buy the Pork Loin Medallions (which are on an even better offer) and dice those for my casserole - it'll be better quality pork too!.......I love it when a plan comes together :D
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  • KitchenbunnyKitchenbunny Forumite
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    Whoo hoo, first NSD of absolutely ages. :D Managed to occupy myself at lunchtime with something other than going round the shops, so I am feeling rather pleased with myself at the mo. Have also got in and talked myself out of having a tin of pop by having a cup of tea instead. The bin is in, so all I have to do tonight is move my car so DH can park on the drive (someone parked where I normally put mine so it's out of the way) and then have a hot bath. Tea is going to be a stir fry of some description.

    Must have a look through the threads relating to cabbage. A friend asked me for some cabbage recipes so that's what I'll do. :) I'm going to try and avoid going to the shops tomorrow lunchtime too, so I shall have to slightly rewrite my mealplan - not a problem. Just got to come up with something exciting. I'll have a look through the index (thanks, rosieben, for keeping it up to date!). Have a nice evening, everyone. My thoughts are with those who aren't 100%. (((hugs)))

    KB xx
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  • Robson65 wrote: »
    "Cheats Chicken Cassoulet and rice (will use meat from roast)
    Harry Potter Stew "

    This sounds interesting !!! Could you post the recipe ?
    Does it involve dragons ??



    It's on the menu list on page 5 of this thread. It uses ale but I am going to use beef stock. It looks a good way of using up the last of the veg. I will have.
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  • Cant believe I am still under the £30 mark. Hoping I can keep this up and keep it well under budget. Going to do a Mr T shop tomorrow as I have a £4 off a £20 spend and a Mr S voucher for £2 off a £20 spend I hope they will take off me. If I do this every week I should be able to shave £24 off my montly bill.
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    mummyjanemummyjane Forumite
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    A NSD for me today. Was going to make some choc chip cookies with the kids but Mr T didn't bring any Tuesday night so will have to have a rethink. I definitely need to make something to pad their lunches out. I am trying not to make any of twink's hobnobs as they have a tendency to vanish mysteriously especially when they are still warm :o If anyone has any other good recipes that do not need choc chips or peanut butter (as we have none of that either) I would be very grateful :D

    I am quite proud of myself this week, whereas before I would have run out to the shops if I ran out of anything I now put it on my list and try very hard to make do with other things until my weekly/fortnightly shop.

    Angel - I hope today went well, have been thinking of you x

    Spiggle -:grouphug: to you as well, sounds like you need them too at the moment x
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    tigerfeet2006tigerfeet2006 Forumite
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    Well dinner tonight was a sucess :T It was a "what have I got that I can make a meal out of" meal :)

    Bacon and Veg Risotto.

    I melted some butter in a pan and bunged in some butternut squash cut into small squares (half left over from another meal in the week). Threw in some finely chopped leeks (found them in the back of the fridge looking the worst for wear, don't know how old they were [blush].) A chopped onion that had seen better days, bashed about a bit. Some garlic. Some button mushrooms left over from something last week. Some chopped bacon slices left over from another meal. Fried it all off. Add another good chunk of butter and melted it through. Bunged in a packet of risotto rice. Stirred it for a minute or two. Chucked it in the SC, poured on 1ltr of veg stock. Left it in the SC for an hour or so, until the liquid had been absorbed and the flavours had nicely come together.

    So a lot of chucking and bunging but it seemed to work. I have enough to go in the freezer for another 2/3 meals. My DH will either take them to work for lunch or they will be used at the end of the month for pot luck dinners if money is tight.
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    been missing for a while
    Angelatgraceland (((hugs))) to you and dh hope you get some good news x
    Spig (((hugs))) to you too , hope you are ok
    Helenjelly hope you are doing ok hon

    had a bit of worrying news at work , they are going to make one of us redundant ,there are 4 of us so its a 25% chance it will be me :(
    although i dont earn much we really cant manage without my wage
    will find out in 2 weeks

    been to l!dl today and spent £33.53 i still need to get plain flour 'cos i forgot to get some and cat food and yoghurts ( i have about £20 left in the kitty for this week so it should be doable )

    made a chicken pie ( from weezls website) and some braised mince to make into a cottage pie and a chilli or lasagne , so 3 meals for the next week , plus i have some gammon, egg and chips, pasta and sausages :D
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  • mummyjanemummyjane Forumite
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    Ooh bacon and veg risotto - sounds yummy. I have some diced bacon and leeks to use up in the next day or so, might just be cheeky tonight and poach your idea :p
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  • cat_smithcat_smith Forumite
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    Mothership's oxtail stew in the SC. Smells great.
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