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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Had the first of our Donald Russell delivery last night. The steak was amazing. Succulent and delicious. Hope the rest is of the same standard.
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    cat_smith wrote: »
    Had the first of our Donald Russell delivery last night. The steak was amazing. Succulent and delicious. Hope the rest is of the same standard.

    It is! But be warned once you've tried their stuff its hard to go back the way. I still have some supermarket meat in the freezer and I have to make curries etc with it, just so my family will eat it. The only meat thats half decent is the Oakham chicken from M&S.
    I'm in the process of running my freezer stock down and refilling with DR meats. It appears expensive but if you get their offers etc, its no more expensive than M&S. I'd rather have less meat of better quality.
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    martafd, your Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream recipe, and karmachilovething, your Leek and Lentil Soup recipe are both added to the front recipe index :T
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Ooooh

    I have gone a bit astray I really need to be more strict but well least I can be honest..

    £3 spend in Morri$ons on sweets, bread and cheesecake slices
    £18.96 in Sainsbugs on veg, meat, bread and a few other bits including comfort foods as I am missing my Man.

    This takes me up to £55.14 of my £55 budget.
    Still I am returning to work in a few weeks so will be better off and really must sort out the huge amount of things in my freezer.

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  • Well, after a visit from my school friend over the weekend, i did get some food in which i wouldnt have necessarily bought had she not visited. :o £26 spent.... tut tut.
    Still well within budget though so i'm pleased with that. We have saved a lot this month! I usually do a big shop from Mr T each month at about £110, then top ups once or twice a week - about £160, plus money for lunch every day because we had lazily got out of the routine of making lunches = £250!!:eek: So i am so grateful for the ideas and support from this thread!

    Made a batch of twinks hobnobs which went down EXTREMELY well. OH even asked if i could show him how to make them so he could have a go!:eek: err.... minor breakthrough!! :T

    I have also just bought a slow cooker. Any advise on good cheap cuts of meat for slow cooking?

    Muchos gracias amigos!! :):)
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  • Corned beef hash for tea tonight.

    Had a look at the recipes on here and they differ somewhat from my version so thought i'd share...

    - Boil your spuds and mash them. Don't forget seasoning but dont go overboard with the salt cos the corned beef is quite salty.
    - Slice your corned beef quite slim. Aim to get about 12 slices from your block (depending on the size of oven dish you're using but you need enough for two layers).
    - Place one layer of corned beef onto the bottom of the dish. Add layer of mash. Add another layer of corned beef. Add another layer of mash. Beat an egg and using a fork spread over top layer of mash. OR add grated cheese to the top.
    Pop in the over for 30-45 mins until golden brown on top.
    Serve with beans or peas.

    This is how my Mum always makes corned beef hash and i love it!! :)

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    DFBX2017 #160 - £0/£11,378

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  • I had to pop to Mr T yday to get something extra for OH as Mr A was OOS when food shop came on sat and some fresh milk for LO and also picke up some stain remover liquid which was 1/2 price and with a 6month old we can never have too much lol

    So have now updated sig with spends from last two days and stand at £113.17 for the month which is AMAZING for me, I can spend that in a week normally or less

    When I got all the chicken off roast from sunday I managed to spilt it into FIVE bags so that's another 5 meals off the chicken.....amazing to think 1 large chicken could make 6 meals I would of never believed it

    Now off to find a chicken pie recipe to give that a go, never made a pie before so should be interesting lol
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    Hi everyone, I have just updated my signature after one biggish spend in Sains***** of £25.68 and a little on in L**l £1.39. The big one was some fruit, cheese, yoghurts, cereal, butter etc. and the other was milk and tomatoes. This leaves me with £54.01 to last until 25th. I've got lots of tins of tomatoes, chick peas, beans, some lentils and some frozen bolognaise in the freezer. I will need to buy toilet roll, fruit, veg, milk and maybe a chicken to make a few meals from next week. Fingers crossed I'll manage it even though it's half term next week.

    It is surprising how much you can reduce what you spend by making meals from leftovers and not going shopping so often. I have always been careful but haven't recorded my spending properly before, I'm really pleased with myself and impressed with everyone on here!

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  • Well spent £5.08 in C*-*P today taking me up to £180.52 - what was I thinking setting my budget at £200? :rotfl:

    First time though and I have learnt loads. My freezer just under 1/3 full so I'm going to have to get it full somehow (esp cause the school hols are coming up!!) I have kept all my receipts and I'm only spending in cash and this really has made a difference.

    :jThanks to everyone on here for all the great advice :j
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  • Have spent £15.40 between Morri$on$ and the butchers yesterday. This was on disinfectant, broccoli, mushrooms, spring onions, cucumber, some sliced corned beef (lovely on a crusty roll) some plum sauce, some frying steak, duck breast and some flour pancakes.....
    you can probably guess that for tea we are having a home made chinese meal. Duck pancakes to start and then stir fry beef with onions and broccoli and some rice. Have eaten loads but never made the duck pancakes before so looking forwards to that.

    Yesterday I used up some minced pork that had been in the freezer for a while and made some meatballs, we had this with pasta, mushroom sauce (oh ok I admit Campbe11s condensed soup lol ) and some salad. Was delicious and there was enough of the meat balls left for lunch today for DH and myself. No sauce left but had half a tin of chopped tomatoes in the fridge so added some mushrooms, onions, worcestershire sauce , a drop of water to slacken it all and mixed in some cooked pasta. Same as yesterday but different iyswim. :D

    Have taken out of the freezer some cooked chicken and tomorrow will be chicken and sweetcorn cannelloni with either veg or salad.

    Off to update my total and also my spread sheet now.
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