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March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • poppy-glospoppy-glos Forumite
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    ;-( my name is poppy and i am a shopoholic;-(

    today i went out without thinking and 'entertained myself' in two grocery shops again.... bought things i did not need to, nothing extravagent but not needed for today or even this week so can't defend myself.

    Unable to update sig as left purse and reciepts at work (the silver lining until i get back there at 9 tomorrow), but i estimate another £15 spent without need and am over budget definately for this point in the month.
    nov grocery challenge, £.227.69/300, 9/25 nsd: , 7 Cmo, 10 egm.
    Me, 10 yo dd, and the dog. all food and drinks, in and out, plus household shopping.
  • guccigooguccigoo Forumite
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    spent £52 on my tesco delivery today, i think im going to go over budget this month:( as i still need a few more things.
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
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    ragz_2ragz_2 Forumite
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    Cair failed mot today and I was going to get us a curry to cheer myself up but left my purse at my Mum's... Dh had a fiver on him so I managed to get milk and dinner (reduced meatballs, jar of sauce, french sticks and doughnuts) for £3.61. Very MSE

    THought budget was looking awful but looking at it daily I've got £10 a day and have most of the nappies I need and a freezer full of chickens... off to write meal plan as this weeks went badly (hence the need for buying dinner today)
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
    Progress is easier to acheive than perfection.
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    BluefireBluefire Forumite
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    SunnyGirl wrote: »
    Bluefire Any chance of a recipe for the ice cream too please :) It sounds lovely and should be low in fat if it's suitable for SW :T
    Ingredients: 2x 500g of fat free fromage frais, 4x Muller Light toffee yoghurts & crushed maltesers (I used a 58g bag)

    Mix it all together & stick it in the freezer - the SW website recommends stirring it to get rid of any ice crystals every 30 minutes but I did it more frequently as I'd read reviews that other people had an issue with it. Only problem was this meant it took longer to freeze - I started at 1.30pm & it still wasn't quite done by 7.30pm!

    There should be enough to pretty much fill a 2 litre ice cream tub. We had ours with strawberries & chocolate sauce - it went down rather well! (For anyone that's doing Slimming World this works out at 15 syns for the whole tub)
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  • lizziebabelizziebabe Forumite
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    Hi everyone - haven't been on for a week so lots to catch up on. Have updated my signature - don't think this month is going as well as last. DS will be back from Uni soon but tells me he will return to his digs as he needs to do some studying for his exams. So pressure off a bit - as I reduced my monthly challenge, but forgot that he would be on hols.
    My freezer is quite full so will try to use the food there - just need F&V and milk. Although have been buying the long lasting skimmed from L*dl which is cheap. So I can have more NSD without having to nip out for milk.
    Lovely recipes - will have to try some out - not the world's best baker but will suit DS who loves snacks, which I don't buy for myself as trying to lose weight.
    It seems like a long month - anyone else feel like that?
    Anyway keep up the good work - byee:wave:
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    banwabanwa Forumite
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    SunnyGirl wrote: »
    Banwa That sounds lovely - any chance of sharing the recipe please :)

    Ooh I'll share but it might not be as MSE for anyone who doesn't get free choc from work. And not quite the 'pence' I bragged about. £2.06 in fact.

    I cut up 4 x value swiss rolls (4 x 13p)
    1 bag Tesco fozen raspberries (£1.29)
    1 tin custard (I had some Ambrosia but tesco value would do 25p)
    Melt into custard same volume of chocolate (free*)
    Feeds about 6-8
    Cut each swiss roll longways and then into half inch slices.
    Either cover bottom of bowl with swiss rolls and layer raspberries and then the chocolatey custard over the top
    Or mix all but a little of the custard together so the sponge soaks up custard as well as rasperries so doesn't go too soggy. Then put custard on top.

    If you cool the lot down the custard sets a little firmer than normal because of all the choccy. Heaven. I topped with whipped cream and grated some chocolate on top. If there were no children to ruin it;) , you could add ammaretto.

    *It's obviously so cheap to me because the chocolate is free but you could use cooking chocolate. BUT but if anyone uses that alot I would happily send some of the free stuff (much nicer than cooking chocolate) if they were send me a SAE (they are sample tubs of around 230g so for example if someone sent £2.24 of postage I could send 3 tubs, which would work out at about 35p /100g). Just a thought. PM me if you are interested

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  • cw18cw18 Forumite
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    Hmmmmm........ this month has just become one that's going to be "interesting" ;)

    I was doing really well until I placed an order with App F00ds last Friday. I then made the mistake of looking on the site again tonight, and there was more stuff I'd use (plus still stock on a couple of items I'd decided I should have ordered more of last week).

    So another order has gone in, though it's not quite as much as it could have been as DD added to the order and agreed to split the postage in half (based on the fact our weights were just about equal, and that's how they calculate postage, even though her 'spend' was considerably less than mine)

    I now have just £13.29 left of this month's budget, which I'm not sure I'll be able to keep within (even if I totally give up my late night Whoopsie hunts - which I normally do on a Thur and/or Fri, so due one tomorrow!).

    However, I vastly underspent in Jan & Feb - so actually have an additional "slush fund" of £30.92 from 1st Jan thru 28th Feb. So my 'year to date' budget gives me £44.21 for the rest of this month, and I reckon I'll easily stay within that...... as long as I stay away from App F00ds in the meantime rolleyes2.gif
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
  • banwabanwa Forumite
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    poppy-glos wrote: »

    today i went out without thinking and 'entertained myself' in two grocery shops again....


    You'd get thrown out of most shops around here for doing that
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  • Evenin all

    Just some baby spends for me today. Milk in I**land, bread and fruit in A*** and veg in L***. £5.44 altogether. Just under two weeks to go, but I've got all the main meals sorted so only fresh stuff. Still hopeful :j
  • uolypooluolypool Forumite
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    Hi I've currently been spending in the region of £450 a month on groceries :eek: that is for 6 ppl. I have decided that the time has now come to reduce that dramatically as money is tight (x oh gave his job up just so he doesn't have to pay child support ) I cook mainly from scratch ,have 1child who is a nightmare to feed says he doesn't like anything but everyone else eats a wide range of foods.Do you think that reducing it to £300 is possible this does include washing powder and things like that and basic toiletries
    Paul Walker , in my dreams;)
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