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March 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 February 2010 at 10:01PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    Well, went 61p over my £32 target for this week - but to be fair I did put in some free range chicken breasts and a cabbage which weren't on my list !

    I am now 88% spent up and have exactly £32 to last till 31st March. However, shouldn't need any top ups this week so here's hoping!

    Of to work shortly so I had better dash. Catch up with you all later.

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    Afternoon all

    Hope everyone is well....
    Well I nipped into the NAAFI yesterday on our way out...and woohoo -must pop in there more often at 5:30pm (they close at 6pm)....

    picked up
    1. 500g fresh pork roasting joint with crackling - 50c each :j-so I grabbed all 5
    2. bags of fresh parsnips 25c each -so grabbed 4 -have allready had some roast in the remoska for my lunch -nomnomnom -the rest will go in the freezer
    3. 2 packs cooked beef 25c
    they had all sorts of other things too -but nothing I would normally buy I need to add €4 to my total :D

    I think "someone, somewhere" was looking out for me as I had just decided that I was going to swap how we eat... to more protein and less carbs -in an attempt to drop some weight...Im a carb junky :p -so now I have more protein and Im quite happy to eat parsnips every meal :rotfl:

    Anyway -only 1 week until my month starts again and so far I have spent a total of €32.45 and have had 17 NSDs out of 21

    Dinner tonight is salad with steamed potatoes and some of 1 of the pork joints cold .....
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  • earthmotherearthmother Forumite
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    Did my shopping this morning - feel quite good that other than an odd item here and there I managed to make this list wait until today - it's normally done on Monday.

    Picked up enough milk and meat to get us to the early part of next week, got some reduced chicken in the Co-op that will last to next month, some cereal, a jar of Marmite, and a couple of small treats for DHs birthday next week.

    Spent just over £20, so my total spend is now £259.79, which leaves me with £20.21 to finish the month - should just about do it :D
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  • KadeeaeKadeeae Forumite
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    Just updated the sig- had a takeaway tonight :o so there went £7.90 and also stopped in at Sains getting some juice, grapes, mango, cheese, milk and biccies :eek: and handed over £18.65 to the nice lady . . . .

    I am doing much better than I expected, but there is still time to mess up, lol. Am tempted to get some of the special offers flying about right now, but afraid that I'll end up short at the end of the month and go over budget. Would love to come under budget this first time but we'll see.

    Hope everyone is doing well, just going to go and have a read through of the last few pages, playing catch up is very hard to do on this thread!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Three more NDS gone and only 13 more left for March,loads of stuff in the fridge/freezer so no need to buy anything just yet:j:j I don't think I will have to buy much at first in April either as I am away for a week then :)
  • skapsskaps Forumite
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    Me too, though had to buy cheese yesterday and will need to buy some milk and fruit/veg this weekend.
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    freakyogrefreakyogre Forumite
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    Oh dear, I went to Aldi again at lunchtime to see if they had any grapes. They did and I ended up buying 3 boxes of them and another pineapple...I haven't even cut the other one yet. I have a fruit addiction lately!

    £2.36 for all that and the grape are lovely and sweet. I had half a box at work and the rest are tucked away in the fridge there for tomorrow. Two have made their way home.
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  • BluefireBluefire Forumite
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    Another trip to Morrisons resulted in a £6.21 spend, the majority of which went towards creating my own slimming world ice cream to take to a friend's dinner party tonight. Stocked up on more baked beans & spaghetti though, shouldn't need any more of that now for the rest of the month hopefully!
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  • SunnyGirlSunnyGirl Forumite
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    banwa wrote: »
    Finally got a recipe to use the free chocolate I get from work, a sort of decadent chocolate trifle with chocolate custard, value swiss rolls and raspberries. :DIt has been agreed it is the best pudding ever and it costs pence.
    Banwa That sounds lovely - any chance of sharing the recipe please :)
    Coxy11 wrote: »
    Off to see the XFactor on Sunday night! Very excited - sad I know - must get out more!!

    Have a good day everyone.

    Coxy :T:j I'd be thrilled going to see The X Factor too - we love it here and become quite addicted :rotfl: Enjoy yourself!
    Bluefire wrote: »
    ...... the majority of which went towards creating my own slimming world ice cream to take to a friend's dinner party tonight.
    Bluefire Any chance of a recipe for the ice cream too please :) It sounds lovely and should be low in fat if it's suitable for SW :T

    Another NSD here and hopefully tomorrow will be one too as the fridge/freezer/cupboards/pantry are full to the brim :D I may get away with meat, washing powder and f & v next week too.
    A G&T a day keeps the doctor away :p
  • I think I am truly addicted to shopping, particularly to popping into the local co op to see what whoopsies there are! My excuse is that my DD was moaning that the only snacks in the house were gluten free ones (for DS) so I spent £2.90 on 4 blueberry muffins for 67p, £1.27 on some whoopsied strawberries, 22p on a cucumber, 30 p on 4 hot cross buns & the rest on a local paper.
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