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February 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • poohbear59poohbear59 Forumite
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    I spent another £19 in the co-op. I am acutely aware that our sending has gone up with the amount of snow we have had. Buying locally is about 30% more than buying at larger stores. I am way over my February budget now.
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  • candygirlcandygirl Forumite
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    Just been to LIDL and got a few bits, fruit, veg, weetabix etc.Am still on target so far this month:j:j
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  • Actually ended up doing a quick trip today as DD is home sick. We'd have needed bread tonight, but needed it earlier for lunch instead. And because it was a Monday, there were plenty of whoopsies. I got a bunch of lillies half off - to cheer us all up (and I put it into grocery spend). There was a couple of half ducklings at 30% off, that I debated but walked away from (we'd normally cook a whole one and use leftovers for something else out of preference). Walked on to the main chilled whoopsies, and there was a WHOLE duckling, at 50% off. So that is safely in the freezer (I put pack the prawns on BOGOF, that we use lots of, as that is an offer on until the weekend and I will be taking out the large ham joint by then, so I will buy 2 packs prawns then). The breakfast bars we have for emergencies were also on special, and we are just about out of those. The kitchen rolls (which i needed) had a character pack on special - €2 for 2 rolls, and BOGOF as WELL. So I got 4 rolls for €2. And a bunch of lemons on pancake day special (they are cheaper than they had been recently anyway, and I got them at 3 for €1, so another 11c off for bulk, and I got 9!

    I think I now have enough bread and milk etc to get us to the weekend with no further spending. And a couple of nice dinners put away. (Cos I have duck spring rolls from yesterday too). And still nowhere near how bad I would normally be at this stage in the month - even having had a luxury Valentines dinner on Saturday (probably spent €25 on it, and far nicer for US that the M&S offer at the same price).
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    poppy-glospoppy-glos Forumite
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    hi all,

    sorry the add quote didn't work, i smiled at linda 32 and her loo roll moment, i bought the huge packs, i think of 18 in co0p in january, reduced from 5 to 2.50 each, still haven't started them, so we have 54 loo rolls in waiting in the shed!

    visit to mr t today, bought stuff i needed for this week, plus some whoopsied pork mince and smoked haddock and mushrooms. have made up some of the lentil/fish/parmesan/corriander 'tarts' for snacks and lunchboxes this week.

    I bought the 2 x 4pt pure tesco milk for £3, one in fridge, the other decanted into 1 pint bottles and waiting in the freezer for when needed (i think thats an 18p multibuy saving..).

    dd wanted to buy playdough in tesco today, talked her into making some at home, so while i've been batch cooking this afternoon she has been happily playing and blending colours (we did a big mix then split and coloured in red, green and blue), I think she has been playing for about 2 hours now... bliss...
    here are recipes if anyone else fancies a go..

    i have spent more than i should have by this point in the month, but have everything in now for this week so we could do it. Unfortunately i have fallen out of love with the freeway lidl diet cola, so today bought low cal ginger beer and flavoured water in mr t in an attempt to tempt myself to drink without going out for my 'fix' of 'the real thing'.

    Well done everyone, poppy x
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    Me, 10 yo dd, and the dog. all food and drinks, in and out, plus household shopping.
  • Hi everyone :hello:

    I go away for 2 days and the thread has gotten huge!! :D

    Spent another £14.42 over the weekend, so not bad really and that was mainly on baking ingredients. Am trying out the banana bread receipe on here, but doesn't seem to be working too well with gluten-free flour! (Am not intolerant, it's just that was all M&S had when I needed flour ages ago, so I need to use it up! :o) Any ideas on how to make it less stodgy, but still using the g-f flour, or am I stuck? Am using around 1/2 tsp of baking powder at the moment, maybe need more?

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  • SunnyGirlSunnyGirl Forumite
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    Linda32 It'll be lots of little things like the bacon, loo roll etc that are all adding up - that was the case here with little nips to the shops. I now only shop once a week and buy enough of everything to last. It means a lot of frozen milk & bread with my lot but my Mum kindly helps out with freezer space for me:A

    Could you perhaps shop every two weeks? Someone on the Daily Thread was saying that they'd started doing that online and it had saved them a fortune.

    The double batch of bolognaise/chilli is smelling yummy now I think I'll take tomorrows out soon then it can be cooling before I put it in the fridge - wish me luck :rotfl:
  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    poppy-gloss, great play dough recipes :T now included at the end of the front-page recipe list ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • sunnygirl do you brown the mince before putting in slow cooker ? ive always wondered

    a nsd for me today hoping for another tomorrow as have plans wednesday so ones out then ....
    may groc challenge £167/£280...
  • £5.64 spend today. Went to Tesco in my lunch hour as needed milk and squash. Also got some lip balm, chocolate and Stork for baking and a bag of crisps (for lunch...oops). Popped to Aldi on my way back and got a pack of plums and a bag of apples plus an ironing board cover, but I may have to take this back as cannot for the life of me see how it fits!
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • JayJay14JayJay14 Forumite
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    NSD today, though I've just been checking out the Aldi super 6 and will send OH to forrage for baking pots, tomatoes, plums and pears while I'm at work tomorrow.
    I also have a training course in town tomorrow afternoon so I'm going to have to make sure I don't migrate into any shops before I get home.:D

    I'm in need of bread soon, so I've told OH to look out for woopsied stuff.

    Keep up the good work everyone.
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