How do you spend your £1?

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I spent my monthly £1 over the weekend as my charity donation hasn't started yet. This started me thinking on how everyone else spends their £1 if they aren't using a charity donation.

So, as a bit of light relief, has anyone got any better suggestions than my two 50p large Snickers bars at a garage?


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    First month, :(

    £5.00 - 8 cans of lager - as there was a card minimum.

    Then tried £1 to Charities Aid Foundation online (with a different card as a 'dry run'). Nothing appeared on the card for a week or so, so despatched a second £1. They then wrote querying the amount - saying it was not 'tax-efficient' (is this going to be the case for all these donations to other charities ??? - it may well be) and then wrote a second time saying they would accept this one (two) off payment, but in future they would only accept £10 on a card!

    This month, ::)

    Was going to order up my credit file from Experian (£2.00 online, £2.50 by phone) but couldn't get the form to submit.

    Have now sent £1 (yesterday) to Charter88 - not a charity, a pressure group - and that seemed to go in nicely. Have e mailed them to set up a regular £1 if possble - tried bribery by saying I would increase my existing standing order to them by 50p - to cover their costs - if they will oblige! Didn't mention BC but said they would 'be benefiting' me by taking the damn £1!

    BTW, has anyone considered the implications of Euro-entry? Will BC then be asking us for 70p a month or about E1.40 instead? (sorry, no Euro symbol on my keyboard!) ;D
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    £1 at Tesco petrol pump with apy at pump facility, works fine
    No reliance should be placed on the above.
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    I just set up the paypal payment to Martin, loads easier
    Paypal security payment this month, then Martins payment should go next.

    Can't spend on the card as I cut it up ;)
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    I need to change the payment date of my paypal and was told by paypal to email Martin. Also they sent Martin a payment of 1.20 early. How do I contact Martin

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    If it is your personal details send an email about it to [email protected] and i will look out for it and read it
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    You can go into any London Underground station and purchase ticket from the machine using your Barclaycard. You could buy the cheapest child ticket possible, nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't use it!
  • Why spend a pound when you only need to spend 1p with the platinum card?

    Last month I spent 57p at ASDA.

    Got suckerd by a deal this month though it was a two for one at Tesco 59P :'(
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    I purchased a National Lottery Ticket for Yestedays draw!! :)
  • I had loads of problems with my 0% card at first, they kept charging me interest, moving my balance onto a higher interest rate etc etc, but eventually it settled down and now works ok. I have 2 paypal accounts, one for myself, and one for my wife. I pay 10p/month to her paypal account, which either gets spent on ebay or saved up and paid back into my bank account
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