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February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Oops, accidental trip to KFC yesterday (Another £4.49 off what's left. It upsets me that my lunch cost nearly a week's OS dinners). That's what I get taking the OH round the shops with me near lunchtime. In my defence I made sure I enjoyed it! ^_^
  • yippee a nsd!!! Have a large chicken roasting in the oven - will have some of this tonight in a stir fry, will freeze the rest and am hoping to get 6 portions for roast dinners!! am about to have a cooking spree have to make some purees for dd - parsnip and carrot, parsnip and apple, cod mornay - tomorrow will do her another batch of casserole. am also aiming to do a carrot cake and check on the neighbours cat!!

    I accidentally got creme fraiche instead of cream cheese for the icing on the cake - what can you cook with creme fraiche as I've never used it before?
    wk1 £0/£100 NSD's 0/7
    Total £0/400
  • elly2elly2 Forumite
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    afternoon all £2.20 so far spent today but also will be needing milk so will get my dad to pick me 2 cartons up so that will take me upto a fiver will have another NSD tomorrow but will be needing bread and stuff before the weekend x

  • Humph... after a rather bad weekend of spend-spend-spend, I added it all up today (including 2 weeks grocery shopping) and I am 3/4 into my budget with 2 weeks shopping to go :(

    Luckily, we don't need much in the way of expensive household items (just dishwasher tablets - Mr T's Value ones) and I think we've got plenty of bits and bobs in the freezer, so we might have a week of my 'concoctions' as OH calls them!

    I was going to do a 3-pronged shopping assault this week - Mr T's for household and non-perishable; local veg shop for fruit and veg (who sell a sack of 'pony carrots' for £1.20!!), and local butchers for meat, but I'm not sure this will work this month! I suppose I'll have to see how I feel on Thursday or Friday about it (and whether we've mysteriously run out of other stuff that needs to be bought too)
  • NSD for me today, not left the house as LO is unwell.
    Went a little overbudget last week - aiming for £50 a week, hopefully should be a little underbudget this week though.
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    Hello everyone,Ended up spending more than I wanted to in MRMs but stocked up on Huggies nappies they are a third off at the moment (I know there are cheaper brands but my LO has severe excema so not compromising on these).
    Enough catfood and milk to last till Oh gets back off tour (he is away for 10 days)wonder if it will be enough?
    26 bags of crisps £1.00 off and lots of other bits.
    so cost £79.80.
    Total spend so far £214.19.:eek:
    Feeding 6 Adults 1 Teen a 8 year old with hollow legs and a very fussy 5 year old. Also 3 cats and 3 fishies
    To include all Food,Toiletries and Petfood.
  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Well nearly died today spent around £100 today on shopping. :eek: it doesnt look like i got much as all. My friend laughed and said i spent that yesterday when i went food shopping.
    Honestly last year i bought the same things (all value) and it cost me £35, can't believe how much food has gone up.
    But to be fair i spent £20 alone on cat food, £6 on bulk toilet roll and £10 on cheese.
    Hopefully the tinned food should last me till next month maybe even till April if i'm lucky. Bought two packs of reduced fresh blueberries for £1.49 and they went through as buy one get one free:T so fresh muffins and sweeties things for the boys pack lunches.

    Hope everyone is well!
  • BekiBeki Forumite
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    Hmmm well i'm not doing *too* badly so far. We shall see how the next 2.5 weeks pan out though. I can see me being either just in budget, or only just slightly over :beer:

    Dinner tonight is a nice cheap one!

    Beans on toast for the two children (Although not sure i should be admitting that after reading another quite heated thread about what is and what isn't classed as a proper meal :o )

    And vegetable soup with a couple of slices of tiger bread for me and OH :)

    Vegetable soup -

    1 large onion - 9p

    5 cloves garlic - 7p

    1 bag diced swede - 0p (asda were giving them away at 11pm the other night when OH popped in for cheap butter! :money: )

    1/3rd bag pearl barley - 13p

    3 stock cubes (made a HUGE pan of soup) - 8p

    1/4 stick of butter (using the 47p asda deal ;) ) - 12p

    1/4 tiger loaf for dunking :D (reduced at 30p for the loaf) - 8p

    Total cost - 57p (of course, that's excluding the water. and the gas used to simmer it all for 1hr)

    There's easily enough there for 4 or 5 huge man-sized portions! Oh, and it's delicious (i keep 'testing' it... to make sure it's still ok ;):o LOL)
  • TrixieBTrixieB Forumite
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    IsoChick wrote: »
    (who sell a sack of 'pony carrots' for £1.20!!)

    I saw these at our market, are they suitable for eating? I didn't want to :o by asking the mannie :rolleyes:

    Bought some 99p hair dye in Tesco today for DD17, anyone used it? She says it doesn't look any different but I can't tell under a lightblub, will wait till morning and natural light before judgement!
    Trying very hard to be frugal and OS - just plodding on and doing my best!
    :money: :money:
  • BekiBeki Forumite
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    TrixieB wrote: »
    I saw these at our market, are they suitable for eating?

    we get these for our pony and goats. where we live though they're £2.99 a bag! :eek: must be about 15 kilos in there though :confused: anyway... yes, they're perfectly safe to eat :D

    basically they're all the carrots that don't make the supermarket grade ;) - you know, the curly ones, bendy ones, ones that have two legs :eek: :rotfl: lol

    some can be a bit manky looking on the ends.. but you just cut that bit off ;) we're always nicking them off the pony when we run out :o LOL :rotfl:
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