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January 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • I've done another 3 no spend days including today so i think i might just make the £71 i have left, streatch out to the 31st of January, but then i do need to do an online shop sometime this week so we'll see how it goes. I just made a hm pizza (cheated using 2 x tesco packet mixes for the base actually) and i am now off to make a couple of batches of twinks hm hobnobs. Can't wait to eat one or 6 with a well deserved cuppa tea later ;)
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  • Just checking in. Not keeping up with all the posts as there's just so much. lol. Thanks to the poster who mentioned the beans at Mr M's. I got a few packs at 75p. What a bargain! I'm living out of cupcoards this month and only needed a few bits here and there, as managed to find enough meals to get us to the end of the month from freezer and cupboards. We're getting by, but my list for Feb is getting bigger all the time (soap powder, shower & shaving gel for OH, both running low, tea etc), so Feb we'll have bare cupboards and lots of essentials to buy! :rolleyes: :rotfl: Hope everyone else is managing to get by.
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    I just recieved a leaflet offering me a free lurpak lighter spreadable up to value of £1.40 did anyone else get one of there?
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  • I have just updated my sig as Tesco's delivery has just come. Am shocked to find that have spent £114 over the last 7 days.

    I think it is the little trips to the local shop which have caused this so will be avoiding it as much as possible until feb.

    Have got loads in so should really get away with milk, fresh fruit & veg till the eom.

    Didnt help that last weeks menu plan went up the wall - gonna do better this week!
  • Morning All! I'm still trying to hang on to my last little bit of January's budget, but it's getting tougher as I'm beginning to run out of lots of bits. Anyway, hoping to stretch to another NSD today (2 in a row).

    I'm making a beef and root veg. curry in the slo-cooker today. I've really got to the beef and I want to make 4 portions if possible so that I can freeze 2. So I thought if I cook it really slowly, hopefully some of the meat juice will add a bit of flavour to all the veggies I've put in. I'm using:-

    400gm Braising Steak cut into quite big chunks
    2 Onions Sliced
    2 Sticks Celery Chopped
    2 Cloves Garlic finely sliced
    3 Carrots Sliced
    Quarter Swede diced
    Quarter Celeriac diced
    2 Tbs. Tomato Paste
    Quarter tsp. dried Chilli (Makes it quite hot)
    Quarter tsp Cumin Seeds
    1 tsp. Dried Oregano
    1 tsp Medium Curry Powder
    Pinch Cayenne Pepper
    Grind of Black Pepper
    Grating of root Ginger
    Just over 1 pint of water

    I will cook this in my slo-cooker on high for about 8 hours and then thicken up some of the stock with veg. gravy granules. I'm going to serve this with plain boiled rice. In a way, I'm hoping for too much stock -you sometimes get this in the slo-cooker and then I can reserve some to make some sort of lentil soup for tomorrow.

    Also hoping to batch bake some fruit cake -mostly made in a saucepan, it's so nice and easy. DH likes to take a slice of this in his packed lunch and it works out so much cheaper then those expensive lunch box bars -and it tastes really yummy too.

    Everyone is doing so well -not long now until the start of a new month:j
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    My meal plan for the coming week is:

    Lunch HM soup, HM bread, cheese, pickles, fruit
    Dinner Roast Goose/toad in the whole for nephew who won't eat roast meat/gravy dinner :confused: carrot & swede mash, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, roast jerusalm artichokes, roast onion, stuffing, steamed cabbage, gravy. Followed by Christmas pudding or profiteroles (We delayed our Christmas dinner as the majority of us very ill at Christmas)
    Lunch Fish finger sandwiches, fruit
    Dinner Sausage meat pie, baked beans, saute potatoes or bread
    Dinner Veg Korma & rice
    Dinner Vegetable lasagna
    Dinner Leek & potato bake
    Dinner going out for a meal, DP's work do, partners invited :j also free :money: menu looks good :D

    Lunch Tuesday-Friday HM soup, HM bread, cheese & fruit

    We also have 2 varieties of HM biscuits, HM brownies (made by DP's mum), yoghurts, fruit & planning to make cuppa tea cake (DS's favouite) to fill any gaps.

    I will have to ammend my meal plan to taking into account the left overs from yesterdays Goose.
    Monday: Cold goose, carrot & swede mash, roast veg, Christmas pudding & brandy sauce.
    Tuesday: See above
    Wednesday: Sausage meat pie, baked beans, saute potatoes or bread
    Thursday: Vegetable lasagna

    The leek & potatoe bake will be differed until another week. Hoping to make as much of this weeks meals as possible today.
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  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    Does anyone have a good savory mince recipe? and what do i serve savory mince with? i have no potatoes.
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  • Morning All

    Just popped in to update my signature. £31.13 spent this weekend in Mr S mainly on F&V and dairy. Have decided not to shop at farm shop on a weekly basis as I end up spending more than my budget and we need more types of fruit than they stock. Will possibly go once every month to 6 weeks when I need a sack of spuds and meat for OH.

    Made 15 portions of soup this week for this weeks lunches and the freezer, 10 were tom & lentil with all the ingredients coming out of the stores.

    We will be eating a lot of stuff out of the freezer this week, supplemented with fresh veg and lots of fruit. Veg hotpot, sausage casserole, shepherds pie and spag bol are looking likely but it will make some space in my freezer for more batch cooking in Feb. I must update my freezer inventory. I found loads of stuff I thought we had used when I was moving stuff around to fit the soup in.

    Picked up my mums old fridge freezer at the weekend. Now I need to get a quote for getting leccy put in the garage so I can start using it.

    Free x
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  • Just been to Mr T's (only really needed chick peas but also needed petrol and wanted to get out of the house with the twins!)

    anyways I also decided to get some pull ups for my girls as they are potty training now (and getting on really well) so I just bought the smallest t's own brand, also got a block of whoopsie cheese, 2 tins chick peas, some kids toothpaste (banana milkshake flavour which will go down welL!) and butter (the reduced clover light) so total was 6.25, but I had a couple of coupons, so came to 5.00 exactly, not too bad as before I would have definitely been putting a lot more in my trolley..

    For those who buy chick peas, I spotted some tins in the 'foreign foods' bit at 23p instead of the 40p tesco ones so am givving them a go..

    made some twinks hobnobs yesterday and have a question if anyone can help, I was thinking of adding, raisins or choc chips or maybe some coconut to them, would I just throw this in with the dry ingredients?

    Hope you are all well today (weather here is awful)

    am looking quite good on my spending so far...but I do realise now how strict I need to be as it is just soo easy to top up with stuff I don't need...
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    hi mummy thats a lot of lurpak:p ,on savoury mince i just brown mince drain off any fat add chopped onion carrot maybe some baked beans...add water and gravy granules....i serve it with rice or cous cous or frozen chips or mash...oh and a tablespoon of tomato puree keeps the mince brown in stead of a bit grey iykwim.....i found a bargain i think [email protected] they do 750g of frozen veg for 39p.....i saw sweetcorn diced carrot diced swede (seperate) mixeg veg and a couple of others that iv forgotten....i got the sweetcorn and will say if its any good....i prefer fresh but its good to have in if all else has failed....eliza bunny that curry sounds nice im going to give that a go......have a nice day tess
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