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January 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • orchid-96 wrote: »
    I know this is probably easy to find on here, but does anyone have any really quick and easy recipes for muffins/buns or flapjacks or could anyone point me in the right direction.... I really want to do more home cooking for this type of thing as the shop bought stuff just doesn't seem all that nice/substantial....

    Hope its ok to post a recipe here.
    I'm certainly no great chef but this Flapjack works everytime for my greedy bunch...and their friends and is really easy to make.

    500g Porridge Oats, 175g sugar (demerara or granulated both work fine so whichever you have), 210g Marg or Butter & 6tbsp golden syrup
    Preheat oven to 200 Degrees C

    Heat Sugar, Butter & Syrup in Large Pan gently until all melted together. Mix in Oats. Spread in baking Tray and bake for 15mins. Leave to cool slightly before cutting and turn onto cooling rack, or a Bread Board works just as well.
    Not been on for a while but need to get finances in order

    DH, DS 28, DD 23 just come back home, Frodo & Morgan
  • rosieben wrote: »
    Several muffins recipes on the Grocery Challenge thread recipe list which is updated whenever a recipe is posted here, and you might find something of use in the Complete Cooking Collection. ;)

    Thanks a lot for that rosieben :A , I can't believeI didn't know about the thread recipe list :o and indebted you too :beer: I am going to try those flapjacks tomorrow.....Thanks you lot are fab
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  • oh i might give them flapjacks a go tomorrow aswell.......thank you
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  • kunekunekunekune Forumite
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    Spent the grand total of ...

    ONE POUND today.

    Well, that's provided you ignore the £75 for a dental checkup! And I will, cos that's not in the food budget.

    Had a strange thing though: OH has had a chat with the bank manager about whether we can get a mortgage, and came out with pre-approval of £295K. There is no way, of course, we want that much or could afford to pay it off. THe manager was quite happy when he said "er, we're thinking of something more like 135K", and said that she has two types of customer. Some thinkt he figure's too low and others are like us, and jump back in horror of what that would mean. But anyhow, maybe a house is closer than I thought it would be (most of the 'approved' loan is at 1.5%, with no fees, penalties, etc etc).
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  • SAV3RSAV3R Forumite
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    Just Popping in quickly to update my sig as we are half way through Jan.

    Have kept reading the threads to keep the inspiration giong. :T

    Doing OK so far exactly half way through this months budget usually spent more by now. Would be less but paid a visit to farm foods last weekend - don't go very often, found quite a few things cheaper than supermarkets.

    Been to Mr M's tonight, not too many useful offers for us this week. I see the prices are still rising rapidly 17p on a jar of beetroot, bread flour from 59p to 75p, no value apple juice and cucumber at 94p.:eek: :eek: I was not a happy shopper.

    While paacking away I found a packet batter mix, best before Nov 2008, just wondering if it will keep till pancake day, considering using it for toad in the hole. Never had this but keep seeing it mentioned on here and fancy it.
  • Rachel021967Rachel021967 Forumite
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    Just had a shop from Mr. T. that came to £42.24 plus gingerbread man from the park (tomorrow it will be homemade chocolate cake). So thats a total spend of £42.86. So that leaves £34.46 to last the month. I think I will be going £40 over. However, I think I shot myself in the foot by not buy husbands favourite yoghurt as it's not on offer. He might go out and buy some plus other goodies as well which will totally blow my budget.
    From Mr. T. I bought:
    Frozen mixed peppers.
    1kg of sunflower spread
    1.5kg of cheddar
    Thomas the Tank fromage frais
    Value yoghurts, 5 Cherry and 5 toffee mullerlight yoghurts
    Value Bacon
    Value white bread, 2 Wholemeal bread
    Value apples. 2 packs of clementines, 1.1kg of bananas
    6 salad tomatoes
    Butternut squash, value onions, 2 packs of value carrots
    2 boxs of a dozen eggs
    6 tins of tuna in brine
    7 value chicken noodles
    4 tubes of tomato puree
    10 1l orange juices

    Anybody know how I can cut back further?

  • savingholmessavingholmes Forumite
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    Hi tonight I spent £39.12 - much better than last week. I still bought hazelnuts (£3), choc ices (£1) but that was about the extent of my naughtiness so pretty good for me. Loads of bread in the freezer and bought loads of milk so hopefully that should last me a week...
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    indebted wrote: »
    Hope its ok to post a recipe here. ....

    Yes, recipes are very welcome here and they get listed in the Grocery Challenge thread recipe list - just added your recipe ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Are whoopsies things that have been reduced? Soz if someone answered and I did not see it Also why do you tell Mrs M what your yearly budget is?Does it get recorded some where if I try for the 4000 a year is that divided by 12 whether it is a 4 or 5 week month.Sozto ask so many questions new at all this
    I believe.......:lovethoug
    Feb Grocery £300 - 14.50 = £285.50
  • JayJay14JayJay14 Forumite
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    To answer your questions, yes woopsies are reduced items and we tell MrsM our monthly targets as this is a monthly thread but some of our contributers (including MrsM) are posting an annual target so they can make better use of bulk buying.

    The targets are posted at the beginning of the thread each month, which is started by Pink Winged on 28th. Some people are also taking part in another challenge on another board which is where the £4000 figure comes from.

    If you want to join the next challenge in Feb just post your target in red so MrsM can see it easily, you'll see us all start to do that soon.

    Hope this helps.
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