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January 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Managed another nsd which is a good thing seeings as how I have already spent more than half the budget. DSs had chinese takeaway that they got themselves and DH and I had the leftover fish pie, baked beans (again) and grilled tomatoes topped with cheese. It was torture having leftovers with the smell of chinese in the house. Still need to get some veggies and a joint of meat for the weekend. Probably get chicken which is cheaper than other meat. Will also get a sack of potatoes tomorrow which are £7 a sack from a local farm shop - a lot cheaper than the supermarkets, and we need to go out tomorrow in the car and will be passing, so will save fuel getting them now rather than making a specific journey next week, when we need them.
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    Just had my (small) Mr T delivery and was pleased at what I got for my money...I had a £10 voucher to use up (freebie for them messing up my order at christmas) bit annoyed as had ordered a pack of the nappies on offer at 7.33 but they substituted them with a pack of very similar ones but which were 8.98 and with 8 less in them grrrr.. I also got a pack of those butchers choice sausages (the pork ones) for 99p as we really like them......

    I have got a question, I got some Port loin chops (fairly thin) and I had wanted to do a pork stew (jamie olivers new book) but it says stewing pork - does anyone know, could I just chop this up to use? or does anyone have a good way to cook it with cider as pork loins? I wanted to cook something tomorrow that I could freeze for next week as ds is out tomorrow and we alwasy have fish and chips (from the freezer)

    anyway any ideas would be appreciated...
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  • Hi Orchid

    I do a mustard pork concoction- for 2 I do (approx measurements)
    you seal the 2 pork steaks in a frying pan with a little oil
    add a pork stock cube -beef is too strong -
    a good spoon of whole grain mustard
    and about 1 cup cider/apple juice heat until combined (check for seasoning and if its a little too sweet add another stock cube)
    put a lid on and simmer until pork steak is cooked through (be carefull not to overcook as the meat will go dry)
    remove the lid and reduce the sauce down -it should go sticky and thick
    Its lovely with crushed potatoes and veggies
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  • Was desperately trying to hang on until Saturday to go shopping but I had to admit defeat and pop to MR Ts for a few bits - milk, chick peas, grapes, onion, garlic were on the list and 3 packs of SnackaJacks leapt into the basket too! Wasn't too bad I suppose - came to approx £4.50 (now added to sig)

    Have written the big shopping list for the weekend and meal planned for next week - it'll be quite an expensive one as I'm running low in the cupboards and freezer and the fridge is basically empty!

    Made a potato, lentil and chickpea curry for tea - was OK but could have done with being a bit spicier. There's plenty left over so I'll see if it develops a bit overnight but if not does anyone have a suggestion on how to rev it up a bit?
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    Hi guys!
    Done a good two week shop so far so good and hope to keep on target. good luck to other users. Dink1
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    OK I have done it! I have ordered a 2nd freezer.:rolleyes: The freezer space in my fridge/freezer is permanently stuffed & it limits how much I can batch cook or pick up whoopsies, as no space.

    Today’s ‘top up’ shop was just 1 loaf of bread! I do have everything in to make bread but as 1 loaf last 2-3 weeks it really is not going to make a huge difference. And DD has always declared that she doesn’t like the HM bread, however much fun she has had making it.

    Rachelmk – I would suggest garam masala (Indian spice mix) and possibly yoghurt, I have Anjum Anand’s ‘Indian Every Day’ which has been checked by Indian ex as being authentically Indian & quite a few recipes make up curry & then at the end (ie after cooked) add just ½ tsp or so of garam masala. Yoghurt would tone it back down & make it more creamy. HTH
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    Orchid 96 -I'm sure you can use the pork you've got for the recipe. It might cook a bit quicker if its less fatty so you could cut down on the cooking time to stop it going rubbery or tough. I've also got that new J Oliver book. Have you tried the Chicken Korma recipe.? We really liked it and amazingly everyone liked the chickpeas in it. Also did the fish wrapped in smokey bacon which everyone liked too.

    Today I made savoury mince roughly following the J Oliver recipe from the Ministry of Food book. Managed to smuggle in two carrots, a courgette, half a swede and onions into the mixture with 500g minced beef and two handfuls of oats. Made a suet crust pastry topping for half of it and froze the rest.

    Tom night we're having macaroni cheese. I normally make the cheese sauce in the microwave and always do double quantity so I can freeze a spare for the future.

    The Lidl washing liquid smells lovely and seems to be doing the job well.

    Good luck everyone.
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    Managed another NSD today (6th this month), thanks to poor DH. I rang him to say there was hardly any semi-skimmed milk left and, since he really couldn't be bothered to go all the way down to Mr T's, he promised he would forego having cereal for the next 2 nights (well, he did have some just now, but used skimmed) so there'd be some there for DS4 in the mornings and we'll get some of the cheaper milk at the weekend.
    That does commit him to taking me to a supermarket on Saturday though:rolleyes:
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    Well, BF got milk and bread today, so have updated my sig. Will be going out tomorrow and may get a few veggies and a bit of fruit at the market whilst shopping ( have to get birthday presents-I've got four in the next three weeks to buy for). I haven't had a chance to go to a market for a while, so hoping to get some potatoes, carrots, apples and oranges.
  • Hi, Hope everyone is doing good

    Haven't posted this week.. here I am with my figures £16.01 spent till now this month.. I guess I have been doing well considering I have a budget of £100 this month

    I and DH have changed to Lidl Porridge instead of ReadyBrek/ Oatibix and TBH we can't tell the difference.

    I have shopped at Farmfoods this week and have found them very cheap for frozen food in comparison to ASDA. All the stuff bought will last us two weeks atleast.

    I created a shooping list on MySupermarket with Asda Prices and took it along to Farmfoods yesterday. Bought all the stuff that was cheaper in there.

    Will buy the rest from Asda tomorrow. I pass both of them on my way home so no extra fuel spent.

    Good Luck everyone
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