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October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • Hi all! Well it looks as though I'll finally manage a NSD woohay!!

    I've never tried panga, coley and pollock are nice though. I love char too, tastes like wild salmon, but even nicer. It was on offer in MrT a few weeks back, lots of omega 3's too.

    Wish I had a Lidl near me--nearest is 20+ miles away, can't really justify it! we have an Aldi though, thankfully!

    Leyla xx
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    Hello been in the process of moving. Can you put me in for £300 again. It was a disaster last month. I am hoping to do a lot better this one. I am not at work so I have got to cut it down. Wages reduced by 1/3 means I have no choice. Could do with being even lower, but with 2 babies and 4 adults i think I would be pushing my luck.!
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    I just made homemade carrot soup with 1.5kg of carrots and half a onion and garlic and veg stock and it worked out at overall cost of just over£1. It fed 2 adults and 3 kids and is enough for me and my friend for dinner tomorrow. think we worked it out at about 12.5p per person! but not including the bread we had with it
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    Been to ASDA and got bread, carrots, houmous, chocolate n loads of bits n spent around £10.There's no way I'm gonna make the challenge this month, with DD living here:eek: :eek: Thank God she's moving out nex month or i'd be bankrupt:rotfl: :rotfl:
    I also made potato n leek soup, which was scrummy :p:p
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    I had set up a delivery from Mr T which would have cost £54, but as I was in town on Monday I thought I would shop instore instead - ended up spending £82!!! I didn't really buy any fripperies - although I did buy a teapot and baking tray. Mainly it was extra fruit and veg - but it just shows. I think I will just shop online next time.

    I did pop back in today and bought lots of muller corners whilst they are on offer.

    We went blackberry and elderberry picking on Sunday afternoon. Hubby made elderberry cordial yesterday which is so easy and very, very good for you.

    Put all your elderberries in a pan and cover with water. Stew for 10 minutes.
    Strain the elderberries to get as much juice out as possible.
    For each pint of juice add 1lb of sugar and about 6 cloves.
    Boil for 10 minutes.

    This can then be used as a cordial. We have it with hot water and it is so good for vitamin C and helping keep colds at bay.

    Hope this helps someone.
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  • Courgette flatbreads

    Thanks for the tasty sounding recipe! Can't wait to try that one.

    catnap - ascorbic acid is just the proper name for vitamin C, so whatever it's doing in your flour, it won't do any harm!

    I've updated my sig - I spent so much last week it has left me a bit fed-up. I came onto the board to get cheered up and inspired again - we had a friend staying for a few days, and I cooked a couple of MSE dinners, but OH got carried away buying treats and booze and the like, and having struggled the last 2 months to stay on budget, I justs don't know how i'm going to reclaim this month.

    One of the issues I have is that I don't have time for any more homebaking than I'm doing, and I'm sure this would be a big save right there - all the treats such as cookies could be homemade, plus the bread. I envy all of you guys who are so good at filling your freezers!!

    On the bright side - there are 6 portions of HM bean and mushroom stew in the freezer, so that is some dinners taken care of this month, and 2 portions of HM vegetable rice. Just got to keep at it I guess.

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  • Hi all,
    managed another NSD yesterday, so starting to feel that i might just meet target.
    Hope to spend the afternoon surf casting, so with luck kahawai will be on the menu. Would prefer snapper, but its too windy to take the boat out!
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    I have been to Netto today and spent £8 odd (i will get receipt and add it to totals). I would nto of spent this much but i saw some chicken breast coacted in bbq sauce (i think it was bbq) for £2.79 so got them. I just stocked up on biscuits, crisps, yogurts, chicken roll etc. Should last me the week, need to pop into somewhere tomorrow for milk.
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    Sorry Mrs M - I think I forgot to declare my Sept total which was £349.19 - just 81p under but I am happy with that given the extra catering for my DD1 who was home sick for a week.

    Work has been manic and I haven't had time to post or even read much here - sorry. Also had some bad news - DD2 has lost her job after just three months and we don't know what will happen - she may have to come back home - so that will mean a lot of adjustments(and I don't mean just to the GC budget!)

    Have managed 3 NSD so far this month but have my weekly 'big shop' tomorrow so will update my signature then.

    Off to bed now. Night night everyone.

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    I have run out of tea bags so will get them tomorrow, but should be ok for meals for the next few days. We had the cauliflower cheese this evening and there's enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Going to do a rabbit and lentil stew with potatoes and cabbage for tea tomorrow, although husband having burgers and chips as he doesn't like rabbit. Friday will be stewed steak pie with cabbage and Saturday will be a stiryfry type beef effort with peas and rice. I am veering a bit away from my 1950's recipe plan, but it's easier with the ingredients we have in as I'm trying to use things up before going shopping again.
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