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October 2008 Grocery Challenge. Please read first two posts.

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  • I've been spending and spending, narly a quarter of my budget gone already. Nothing today though, (well car parking to go to a meeting, but no food) so hopefully a NSD--aah, just remembered I need to get some asprin for DH who isn't well so better get going, forget NSD. Ah well, always tomorrow!
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    for those who wanted it, i didnt have any cumin or nigella seeds so just left them out and i ground some pepper in instead. :D

    Courgette flatbreads

    225g (8oz) wholemeal flour
    4 tsps cumin seeds
    4tsp nigella seeds (black cumin)
    100g (3 1/2 oz) courgette coarsely grated
    2tbsp oil (I used vegetable)

    Seive the flour, add spices and a little salt (i left salt out).
    Press courgettes to remove liquid and add.
    Slowly add 120-150ml (4fl oz) water and add oil.
    Knead to make a smooth dough.
    Cover and leave to rest for 30 mins
    Divide into 8 balls
    Roll each into a thin circle ( 6 inch)
    Fry for 1 min on each side. keepwarm. I dry fried mine.

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    oohhhh what are you crochetting? im nosey :p

    just a hat to start with, i've already knitted a pair of mitts, can't do gloves:p

    another nsd - had bolognaise tonight dh didn't like it - which i found strange coz it's the same as what was in the lasagne last week and he loved that:confused:

    got to go - all 4 of us do tae kwon do on tuesdays

    take care everyone

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    finally had to go to do more shopping. Spent £18.36,but that incluced household/personal stuff as well, plus bought a sandwich for lunch. I hope that's all I need to spend for food before 15th as don't have much money left before pay day. Should have enough now for lunches and dinners. Oh no, forgot to buy more porridge for breakfast; hopefully can get that after going to dinner at my friends as I'm planning a NSD for tomorrow. Sig updated.
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    Hi Everyone went to MrS tonight. Spent £47.83 did get a chicken for the weekend. Milk has gone up to £1.53 did manage to get some ground almond which is on special offer if anyone needs any for their xmas cakes. Have a good evening .
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  • Barneysmom wrote: »
    You know when you get that feeling, there's loads of food there but you just don't fancy any of it?

    Yup, that'll be when there is no chocolate in the house! :rolleyes:
    If I had a pound for every...... oh sod it, if I just had a pound I'd be richer!
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    Popped into ALDI today and got a few bits; bread, breadsticks, mushrooms , milk, n lots of treats and spent £15.24:D :D
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    I spent all of 78p in Aldi this morning -- a small cauli and 1kg carrots. Going back for more veg tomorrow, and am also picking some up for DD -- which she'll then collect from me when she collects my elder GD from after school club.

    The offers this week are brill for us..... the things I spotted that we use are brocolli (500g), cauli (small, but half will do us a meal used alongside half a pack of the brocolli and with a carrot or two), carrots (1kg), onions (1kg), and savoy cabbage (large) -- all for 39p each !!!

    Question for folks -- having done the stock take on my freezer earlier this afternoon, I'm now looking at a few of the bits and wondering how to make best use of them.

    I have two packs of pork mince (250g each), and I used 250g lean beef mince to make meatballs last week -- which went down really well with the blokes when served with pasta and sauce (which surprised me)...... But can I make meatballs with pork, or is it likely to collapse when cooking it? I didn't use anything except HM breadcrumbs with the beef mince, but looking at the pork am thinking I may have to use egg to bind it :confused: Or can anyone suggest an alternative use for pork mince (given hubby doesn't like "dry" meals made with mince and I [strike]gag when cooking[/strike] don't like curry). Any (and all) suggestions gratefully appreciated :)
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    I managed to have a NSD day today, but will have to buy milk tomorrow. We had a turkey and ham pie with broccoli for tea yesterday and turkey with mashed potato and broccoli for tea today. Still got some mashed potato left over so will make cheese potato cakes for lunch tomorrow and cauliflower cheese with brussel sprouts and carrots for tea. The cheese sauce is already made and frozen.
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    cw18 wrote: »
    ... Or can anyone suggest an alternative use for pork mince (given hubby doesn't like "dry" meals made with mince and I [strike]gag when cooking[/strike] don't like curry). Any (and all) suggestions gratefully appreciated :)

    I think pork mince would work as well for the meatballs but there's a thread here with a few more ideas for pork mince :)
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