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I have been lurking here for a while now and although i dont really post, i am working on getting my debts down and things are going ok. One of my aims was to find a new job with better pay, which has finally happened!! yey! :T this means i now have more money to throw at my debts and i can be debt free quicker.
Now the main problem is with the pay! I am currently paid on the 10th of the month, in arrears and advance, so when i recieve my last pay on 10th July it will only be 10 days worth. I start my new job on the 14th July with a new pay date of the 23rd of every month. Now i seem to miss the July cut off which means my next pay wont be until 23rd August!! this is where i am really stuck! how do i survive 6 weeks on nearly no money. I have just received a bonus from my current job so have about £800 in my savings that i can use (didnt pay off my debt with this as i knew this situation might happen) but with 2 lots of bills to pay it just isnt enough! any ideas on how to get throught this would be a great help....




  • pokey128
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    Hi Poorgirl
    If you speak to your new employers maybe they can sort you out with an advance in your wages if you miss the cut off point. Failing that then you should be able to fill in your pay section now of your new employee pack and then you will make the cut off for July's wages.

    Might be worth a try?
  • peb
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    Certainly worth talking to the new employers - many will issue a cheque if it is too late to get you on their database, afterall you do not want an advance just paying on time.
  • **Amy**
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    Speak to your new employer as per above poster.

    Or speak to the people you need to pay, explain the situation and they may be able to allow you to pay 2 lots of bills in your August pay?

    Its best to try and speak to your employers first, and then the bill people.

    Congrats on your new job anyway! :beer:
    Debt: just my mortgage :D
  • icka
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    Hi Poorgirl

    You are very welcome to the boards and well done on the new job, fantastic stuff. I am really not trying to go against the others as there advice is fantastic. But if there was any way you could get by with out asking for an advance I would try that first and only ask for an advance as a last resort.

    Maybe you could write us in detail exactly what you owe and then subtract it from what you have. If we have an exact figure we can try to help you.

    I have known people on these boards to live on almost nothing and I mean £60 or less for a month. So it can be done with some smart shopping and a little imagination.

    As you aren't working you may not need certain things like travel expenses etc. And if you have a very quiet month it can be done.

    All you need is a trip to aldi or lidl and some good recipies from the old style board and you will be through this in no time.

    We are here to help

    xxxx icka
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    as well as the 2 bills coming in do you have any other regular payments, thinking of direct debits/standing orders. could you ask for these payment dates to change to a different time of the month - not sure if that would cover 6 weeks but might mean 1 month's payment is delayed til pay day.

    could you ask for a short term loan from family/friends?

    cut down costs for any spending you can as has been suggested. perhaps cancel a subscription(s) if you have any and you can always start up again and sometimes get a free gift)

    sell stuff ebay/carboots etc

    use a credit card to buy food etc and pay bills - make sure you choose a card that has a few weeks before payments due

    if really stuck, ask for short term overdraft from bank
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    Hi Poor Girl,

    Really congratulations on the new job! Super pleased for you!

    Working in HR I quite often talk to new starters in the same position as you, in most cases we can organise a payment advance of the money you'd be owed up to the pay period date and then deduct it from your next pay - so a proper advance that still means you pay all the correct NI & Tax.

    The other alternative might be to talk to your creditors and ask them for a 1-month paymentt holiday... My current loan offers that if I've been paying into it for 6-months or more!

    Good luck though, I hope all goes well!!

    Starlett x
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