PCI Card Networking 2 Computers-help please

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After reading many previously posted threads on MSE and other websites, i think i have got my head around this networking thing!! But i would just like anybody with any knowledge or experience to clarify before i go out and buy the stuff.

I have a Broadband connection with an external modem (supplied by ISP-nothing fancy) and 2 pc's. The computer currently connected to the broadband has no PCI network card and the other one (with no broadband connection) has a PCI network card.

My question is: Is all i need to get my broadband connection on both computers 1) another PCI network card and 2) a crossover cable?

And if this is right would i beable to connect to broadband on the two computers at the same time? And would there be any problems with speed? Will getting a 100/10mbps PCI card be enough for a 2mb bb connection? Is there a really good reason to choose a router over this method of connection? - As i am not bothered about having to have the 'host' computer on to access BB on the other comp (its on all the time)

Thanks for any help - just wanted to make sure before i go ahead instead of buying a router.

Jelly x
Trevor McDoughnut, tonight at 10


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