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Free electrical safety guides

edited 5 February 2016 at 12:41PM in Freebies (no spend required)
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edited 5 February 2016 at 12:41PM in Freebies (no spend required)
Free electrical safety guide 'How safe is your home?'


Good luck!!



  • mrbondmrbond
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    That link doesn't appear to work, however this one will:
  • ordered mine, makes me wounder how safe my home is if they have produced this
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  • Pip26Pip26
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    Thanks - useful!
  • Thanks, for these guidelines. Serious fire and shock hazards can result, when electrical equipment is not maintained or used properly. Reduces, the possibility of fire or electrical shock by keeping your workplace free, from electrical hazards. Wall outlets are designed to provide electricity, for only 2 appliances at the same time. Overloading them, may result in a fire hazard. Use a multiple-outlet power strip, if you need to increase electrical supply, in your area. These devices have an internal circuit-breaker switch that will stop electrical flow, if overloading occurs. Extension cords are intended for temporary use, not for supplying permanent power to tools and appliances.

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