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Rent for BT + Electricity poles, subs, pylons etc

If you are not yet recieving rent and/or compensation for the telephone or electricity installation on your property you may be due some.
  • Does the equipment serve other people?  If the equipment is there for the phone/electricity supply to you or your tennants only, you don't get any money.
  • Do you rent the property?  The owner of the property would get any money due.
  • Is the property ex-council?  It is likely it's written into your deads that utilities can cross your property so they wont need to pay you rent to keep up their rights.
  • Do I already know of a document giving the Company rights?  Maybe it was signed by a previous owner?  It could be called a Deed of Grant, Wayleave, Lease, Agreement, Licence, or be a Covenant or Clause in your property's Deeds.
    A Deed of Grant does not attract yearly payment, it has already had a lump sum or other negotiation.  Some Wayleaves are non-paying, but mostly they do pay.  Leases could have just a 'Pepper-Corn' rent or a propper yearly rent.  Read the agreement to find the rights of both parties.
Call or write to BT or your local Electricity Distribution Company, asking for the department who deals with Wayleaves (means "A Rented Right of Way") or Property.  I've only included what I know, not all companies have the same policies, so play it by ear.
  • Tell them what sort of equipment it is and how you use the bit of land it stands on.  Is it a pole, H pole, pylon, does it have extra support?  Is it on your lawn, flowerbeds, hedge, ditch, arable field, pasture, set aside, hardstand, drive, muddy corner, etc!
  • They may want to know when you brought the property and who from.  Let them know the date and who the parties are on any existing agreement.
  • They check their records and confirm if a payment is due or not.
I think the number for BT Wayleave enquiries is in the front of the Phone Book.  If you don't know who your Local Electricity Distribution Company is ask your supplier.  It may be worth writing to them if you get passed around the phone system.
If you are due any money, don't expect to give up your day job or anything grand it may be only a shandy or two down the local!  Good luck.   ;)
Nuts just take up space where chocolate ought to be.


  • Choccyholic
    Anyone had any joy and/or found this useful?
    Nuts just take up space where chocolate ought to be.
  • squizzy
    I know this is an old thread but thanks for the info! I have just moved into a house with a telegraph pole in my front garden. I'll follow your suggestions and see if I can get some rent!
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