Spending money for a 5 year old??



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    Pocket money for a 5 year old is crazy they can barely count. Let them be children for a bit longer!

    How does giving them money stop them being children?
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  • duchy
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    I'm wondering if the school has some kind of tuckshop and that's why this has come up ?
    Pocket money at 5 seems a bit daft to me -some five year olds can't do the maths that is required yet.
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    i always got pocket money, about 50p a week, i think i got a 'rise' as I got older to £1, and just loved to save it haha! My biggest waste of £1 was a ride on a Bucking Bronco, mum and dad advised me against it, and after that I really made sure the £1 was well spent!!

    My friends in their teens were getting allowances of £20-£50 per month, which we just could not afford, and I was desperate to start working, so started working on a little paper round with the help of my mum each week and it didnt half teach me the value of money! My friend to this day has not had a part time job and she is now 26...she has had handouts all her life.

    I think it needs to get a balance between an amount of money given and learning the value etc.

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    As a kid I got sixpence which bought 1/2 lb sweets, so when I gave my kids pocketmoney 1/2 lb sweets would cost 50p so thats how I worked it out. ( I wonder what 1/2 lb would cost now for my grandsons pocketmoney) I think it's very important for your kids to learn the value of money and the consquences of their decisions. As for teaching them to help others, this should be something we show them by our actions to others on a daily basis don't you think?:D
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