Should I switch to EON Price Protection 2009?

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I was wondering if I could ask for some advice as i'm a bit crap with bills. I'm looking to change my gas/electric supplier due to the increasing costs. I'm thinking of going with EON's duel fuel, Price Protection Oct 2009 option (Paperless billing, Monthly direct debit etc)

Currently i'm on Standard Quarterly DD Electricity with British Gas, Standard Quarterly DD with EDF Energy.

My last Gas bill was first 1268 kwh at 4.108p and next 2212 kwh at 2.584p. Electricity was day: 83kwh at 4.350p, night: first 62kwh at 28.758p and next 261kwh at 9.226p

The EON deal looks very inviting, even though the Gas seems slightly more expensive that what i'm paying per kwh. Electric is actually cheaper it seems?
Additionally, there is no tie ins or cancellation fee, discounts for direct debit and duel fuel and also if the prices fall, then my capped rate apparently falls (I think this is the case ... or as it says on energy helpline).

So overall should I switch? ... or am I missing something?

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    You really need to work out your Kwh consumption for gas / electricity over a full year .... then do the calculations yourself. As I've found the comparison sites very misleading on fixed rates.

    I'm on EON (V5) - and the move to their capped tariff (V14) to Oct 2009 was going to move my bill up 27%. So I just managed to get in on the tail end of the Scot Power cap to 2011 at a 28% hike.

    When you do the EON arithmetic - don't forget to deduct 9% from the total (dual fuel + online Discount). And watch you calculate on the prices inc of VAT .... or add 5% before you deduct the 9%. Bit of hassle - but safer than relying on the comparison sites that have provided me with very inaccurate capped comparisons. These are the V14 prices - for Yorkshire - you will need to check those for your area as they can be very different! :-

    Gas - first 2680kw x 4.661 ....... rest at x 2.971
    Elec - first 900kw x 18.61 ....... rest at x 10.41
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    I would be quick on this as rumour has it that e.ons price protection 09 will be removed on replaced by a more expensive version on monday.
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    Thanks for the advice!... i've in the end gone with the EON deal ....

    Though just one final question, but now i've signed up with the deal that advertised for EON - if they were to change the prices this coming monday, will I still get the deal that I signed up for today?
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    you would be on the same tariff. You have signed up to price protection version 14. If version 14 is removed and 15 comes in you will still be capped on the v14 prices.
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    The capped prices till 2009 for Yorkshire are given as -

    "Gas - first 2680kw x 4.661 ....... rest at x 2.971
    Elec - first 900kw x 18.61 ....... rest at x 10.41"

    I am on Extra saver V5 -

    Gas - first 2680kw x 4.57 ....... rest at x 2.913
    Elec - first 900kw x 18.239 ....... rest at x 10.206

    I am no good at maths, what are the % increase on the above rates? They do not seem very high to me, am I missing some thing?

    The E-on "Bills" section of their web site seems to be down at the moment!


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