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Midland Mainline Trains To London for £15

in Motoring
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Has anyone been able to actual get any of these tickets? I am trying to arrange for 2 adults and 3 children to travel to London for a couple of days in July. Received the special offer flyer today from school and yet the site seems to show no availability for any of the trains that I am trying to get. Anybody know of tricks or a search technique? ???


  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    I checked out the MML web site this morning and the £15 promotion is available online.
    You also get a further £1 reduction by booking online.
  • IangraysonIangrayson Forumite
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    Yes I was trying the website, and seeing the ticket, but every train combination I tried was rejected as having been sold out or not available. I gave up in frustration and phoned up today (08457125678). It was answered immediately despite having warning messages about high call volumes, and the guy was able to book me tickets straight away.
    So if anyone is interested in this promo I would suggest phoning them up and forget the website.
    Of course you don't get the extra £1 discount, but compared to 5 tickets at £100 a throw I can live with that!
  • IangraysonIangrayson Forumite
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    Don't know what the rogue smiley was doing in there! For anyone interested the phone is 08457125678.
  • motorguymotorguy Forumite
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    Iangrayson wrote: »
    Don't know what the rogue smiley was doing in there! For anyone interested the phone is 08457125678.

    Ok, cheers.
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