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    Having received bad news this morning, I have decided to sort this mess out. i took some time off this morning and looked at everything. To over come everything it going to take years. Life has got to be better than this. I already feel in control now and now making a to do list which I must acheive each day and with an hours excercise each day to improve my mental and phyiscal health. I have to start somewhere. Main aims are to sort the money out and eat less and excercise. here goes........
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    A lot of people I know who are suffering from mental health problems have recently attended medicals and had their IB stopped. They can appeal but the process can take months and meanwhile they have to survive on 40 odd quid Income Support because they cannot cope with the stress of having to attend interviews for Jobseekers allowance and all that goes with it.

    My brother's IB was stopped in January this year and he has still not had a date for his appeal. He cannot leave the house without help, he cannot answer the phone - he was award 7 points make him 3 short of the points needed to qualify. He has asked CAB for help so hopefully, some time soon, it should be sorted out but in the meantime he's struggling financially - as I image are lots of people in the same situation.
  • http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/bus...dit/oft664.pdf

    The above is the OFT guidelines to debt collection, every creditor and DCA is supposed to abide by those rules, needless to say they don’t.

    I am dealing with my wife’s creditors and even though not one of them has complied with a CCA request they are still hounding us.

    She was harassed out of work last year by gangs of youths threatening here and the other staff that worked at our local co-op, they where caught doing so on CCTV but the police said it was not enough evidence.

    They held a meeting with management who refused to act as "it would be too expensive" to hire security, my wife now suffers severe bought’s of depression and is under going treatment for it, but has still been forced to jump through hoops just to get her IB

    So the law let her down in the first place, both from the police point of view and the employers legal obligation to protect there staff and provide a safe working environment, and now we, like most on these boards are being hounded by creditors, because she can no longer meet her commitments because no one will enforce the above either, trading standards, OFT etc do nothing to protect the people they are supposed too, and this failure is compounded when a mental health issue is involved.

    The protection is there but unless it is enforced nothing will change as the creditors and DCA,s just don’t care if your suffering a mental illness or not, they are trained to see you wont pay not that you cant regardless of what proof you supply to the contrary, and they don’t care what rules or laws they break while doing so. :rolleyes:

    What is the point in me learning all the things i have both here and elsewhere, that tells me we should be protected from this behaviour, if no one brings those ignoring it into line :confused:

    If you want to help those with mental issues and are in debt already then pressure needs applying to get the legislation and guidelines enforced properly
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    As its now October and Martin first told us about this guide being commissioned in May I wonder if there is any news about its being published and available?
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    As its now October and Martin first told us about this guide being commissioned in May I wonder if there is any news about its being published and available?

    I was just going to ask the same thing!

    Anyone any news on this?
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    Sorry a first draft from the mental health experts came to me, and I requested some changes to be made on it; and I'm waiting for them to come back... its taken longer than i had hoped Im afraid which si a shame.

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    Ah well, twas ever thus with this sort of thing - anything overseen by committee takes an age :confused:

    Thanks for keeping us updated.
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    I Too am waiting to hear when this has been published. Glad this side of things is being looked at
  • I have been unable to work due to depression, I don't claim, my husband supports me as I have not been able to leave the house at times due to being depressed, I have been trying to reclaim bank charges on my HSBC account which is the total amount of money they are saying I owe them, although it is earning interest on top of that amount.(£500 +)

    I wrote to HSBC and told them of my predicament and asked to be considered for financial hardship but they said as my husband was supporting me they needed all his details, which my husband was not prepared to give, as we have always kept our finances seperate and he felt it wasn't their business. I told them that the amount they are saying is owing was accrued in bank charges but they didn't seem to care and said until the test case was sorted they couldn't do anything to help me.

    In all my letters I have told them I am on medication as I have severe depression and that the added stress was not aiding my situation and they have been quite unhelpful really, they did stop any further charges going on my account for a short period of time but they did ring me several times to say I owed money and how was I going to pay it, did I want a loan, and I said no as I couldn't afford to repay it and so what was the point?.

    I am starting counseling soon and have been referred to the mental health team at my local hospital for assesment, as I have depression linked to being abused as a child. I also have had a lot of personal upset, and lost 3 very close friends with cancer which only depeened my depression. I actually tried to run into the road last year after I had a panic attack in the middle of a supermarket as I didn't want to feel how I felt.

    The debt is something I feel I don't owe as had they have increased my overdraft when I asked them to, I would have not incurred the initial charge which then esculated, and at £25 a time, it soon adds up, some charges were more than that.

    If anyone knows how to help me I would be most grateful

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