CCJ been put on my file

hello please help me .
i had a debt sent to debt collection agency. i was not working and told them this and they agreed 20 pound a month. (amount was 255) unfortunately i still did not pay this and just kept quiet. three months later i sent a payment of 40 pounds which would mean i was only owing 1 month.. 2 days later i receive a letter from northampton county court requesting me to fill out some forms or else. i sent another payment of 20 pounds which i felt would cover me. I filled the form explaining that am unemployed and unable to afford the payments. Also gave a breakdown of my expences . i filled that i accept the court order but amount is incorrect as currently making monthly payments.
Court issued a county court judgement on me and that i should pay £20 a month towards the debt and i was fined £40 court costs.

This was Dec last year, i have paid off the debt but i have been refused credit twice i tried to open a Alliance Premier direct account and was turned down. is it because of the CCJ and if so is there any way of appealing that decision since i was in receipt of benefits. I have a good job now and do not want to wait 6 years before i can get a mortgage. is it too late for me.
Thanks in advance


  • Ada_Doom
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    Hi there- the first thing you need to do is phone the court the ccj was made at and ask them if the claimant has notified them that the debt has been paid. If it hasnt you need to get on to them or thier solicitor if they have one and get them to sen letter to court stating that you have paid in full and,crucially, what date they consider the debt was cleared.

    If that date was within a month of the ccj being registered you can write to the court asking for a certificate of cancellation.You will need to send 15 quid to the court for this and they will send you, and most importantly the registry trust (where ccj are registed and people like equifax get their info for credit historys from), a certificate so the ccj will be removed from your record.

    If the debt was paid after month you ask for a certificate of satisfaction which means your credit history will show that you had a ccj but it has been satisfied-this also costs 15 squids.

    Hope this helps
  • jenagain
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    I will also be very interested to read the replies to this - I could have written that post myself.

    We desperately need to move to a house - my partner and I currently live in a shared ownership tiny 2 bedroom flat with our 2 children. We've been given the go ahead by the housing association with our application for Open Market Home Buy (new shared ownership scheme where you choose a house on the open market rather than wait for their properties to become available). We already have a mortgage but will need to increase it by around £40,000 and I really don't want my stupid mistake to have ruined that for us.

    Sorry to hijack your thread - just wanted to say you are not alone!
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  • zeus1234_2
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    Thanks for that, i have not informed them yet, so i will let the court know immediately. Is there any chance the CCJ can be revoked.
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