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I was wondering if anyone had any experience of hosting with webfusion.co.uk?
I need to transfer my hosting as my current hosts are ripping me off and messed up alot of my site (they were spposed to test it before the move over to them - but it didn't happen).

So - time to move again and I need servers which support php and mysql (it's an ecommerce site).

Web fusion seem to have some options for me - but I was just wondering if anyone else had used them and, if so, what they thought of them.

Many thanks in advance


  • peanutpie05peanutpie05 Forumite
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    ...or any other hosting companies anyone can recommend...

    Any suggestions gratefully received

    Thank in advance
  • OmertronOmertron Forumite
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    I use hostgator for my sites, haven't had any problems with them so far (4 months). Fast servers, even though they are in the US
    - = I also recognise the Robins and beep for them = -
  • ITTINITTIN Forumite
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    HostGator have a good reputation. Web Fusion have been getting pretty bad reviews recently, as well as 1-2-3 reg.

    I've posted this up elsewhere but you can try http://www.justhostme.co.uk their giving 50% off all web hosting/reseller packages that are purchased anually, use the coupan code 'WELCOMEBACK' up till the end of May. I've had good service with them so far.

    The US isn't that bad for hosting servers in, aslong as you have a decent spec server and a decent enough datacentre, you still get good speeds.
  • isofaisofa Forumite
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    Never had a problem with 123-reg, they were part of the larger Pipex brand, now GX Networks - as are WebFusion.

    Also try prices from One&One.
  • Mac_SamiMac_Sami Forumite
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    Servage are pretty good, although their MySQL databases can sometimes be a bit on and off (in my case, they transferred my account to another server and I haven't had problems since).

    I host some midweight sites on there, averaging around 1000 unique visitors / day without issue.

    Cost around £70 a year.
  • chunterchunter Forumite
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    I use 123-reg to register the domains and control of the nameservers.
    BigWetFish currently for the hosting.
    Leaves lots of flexibility if I have problems with hosting.
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