New Gas Boiler Question


I am in the process of buying a flat and it has had a new boiler fitted in the last 6 months.

However, there appears to be no paperwork regarding the installation - such as a Certificate of Compliance.

My question is how important is this Certificate and if it is - and I don't have it - what should I do about it.

I have yet to sign the contract on the new flat so would still have time to put this right - if it is important.

thanks for your help.


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    It's the sellers problem, so get him to obtain one at his extreme inconvenience and expense.

    It is not possible for another corgi to certify the installation, but it is possible in theory for a council building inspector to do so, for I believe, about £150. Other than that, another corgi can physically remove it, reinstall it and then certify it.

    The boiler has almost certainly been installed illegally or is stolen.
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    I'll tell the seller that he needs to get this sorted out before we can exchange then...
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