Help! Locksmith needed!

in N. Ireland
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I have just discovered that I locked myself out of my flat this morning. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a locksmith in the Belfast area and tell me how much it's likely to cost (I'm just a poor student!)

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  • No, I'm afraid I live in Great Britain, so I don't know of any locksmiths in NI.

    If you're locked out on a lever lock, eg because you have lost your keys, you probably do need a locksmith. However, if you're only locked out on the nightlatch (the automatic, front-door type lock), you can almost certainly get in without the expense of a locksmith (and they are expensive) if you don't mind breaking the cylinder and replacing it.

    If the cylinder looks like this, then it's probably only made of brass, and you can easily drill it. Obviously, check first that there's no other way in. There are some more sophisticated ones nightlatches, so it would be good if you could post a description of it so we know it's not some super-duper contraption. Basically, if it's a circular cylinder with a sort of metal rim that makes it protrude from the door, you can probably drill it very easily.

    You basically only need a power drill and a screwdriver, but do buy your replacement cylinder first! Then just put a 6mm drill bit into the indentation that guides the key into the keyway and drill into it. You'll probably hear the sound of it going through five pins; maybe more, maybe fewer. Basically, this drilling makes the pins fall into the hole you've made, so that only the springs remain. You then put a flat bladed screwdriver into what remains of the keyway and twist it hard, and the plug will cut the springs and turn.

    It's then easy to put the new cylinder, so long as you have a screwdriver.

    There's a thread on on a similar topic here:

    Good luck!
  • WOAH there. Don't drill it!!!!! PM me quickly and I'll tell you how to get in. (used to be a locksmith!)
  • I managed to get in eventually. Thanks for all the suggestions!
    The forecast for tomorrow: A few sprinkles of genius, with a chance of doom!
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