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Query re photos on ebay - can you help?

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Query re photos on ebay - can you help?

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jocoo26jocoo26 Forumite
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Hi there

I have been a member of ebay for a fair while now, both as a buyer and seller. I have a new batch of items to add to auctions and am wondering why some listed items show the (thumbnail) photo on the main listing and others just show the camera image - what is the best format to put photos on?? If I am looking for something in particular I will always look first at the ones that have the thumbnail photo on the main listing.

Any help would be much appreciated - thanks in advance! ;)


  • wirmwirm Forumite
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    Ok, the picture that you see when looking through items is the gallery picture. This costs 15p to add to each item. If you just see the camera icon, it means that the seller has added a picture but not to the item.....

    I didn't use to add a gallery picture but I have started recently, I now find that there is more interest in my items...
  • ah ha - that explains it - thanks very much! ;)
  • I use a photo hosting site to host my photos (free). This way you can put in a number of photos without paying e-bays high prices.

    I use there 1 free one just in case my host goes down and at least I have one photo for customers to view.

    Take a look at:-

    ht tp://

    take out gap in http and cut and paste link.

    It helps if you are upto speed on Frontpage.....and make up a selling template.
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