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"Public Entertainment Licence"

The community centre 100 yards from my new house has applied for a public entertainment licence, which runs from 9am till midnight every day during the week and 9am till 1am at weekends. This, I am guessing, is not a good thing.

Anyone got any ideas why it would want one of these licences and what its implications for me might be? I don't want to be kept up by loud music every night of the week.




  • safesoundsafesound Forumite
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    We live next to a community centre and they have a public entertainment license. I think it just allows them to put on discos and bands and stuff. We've never had a problem with loud music or anything like that. Mind you, the most racy thing they do around here is bingo or weight watchers :D
    Why not call in and speak to the centre manager? He'll be able to tell you what they're planning on hosting there and whether it'll affect you.
  • ManAtHomeManAtHome Forumite
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    All part of the new '24 hour drinking' licensing - they have to have one even if they only hold occasional events. As safesound suggested, ask them what they're planning (if anything, likely to 'business as usual'). You can object to their license - they should have A4 sheets stuck in the windows giving the address of the licensing authority.

    Sounds pretty standard - I've seen several pubs with pretty much the same times. Doesn't look like any are getting knocked back according to my local papers (unless the police have objected due to disorder or under-age drinking).
  • PlasticmanPlasticman Forumite
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    Yes, as ManAtHome says it's probably due to the changes to licensing. There is one on our community centre too.
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  • I would not be worried unless there has been a change of management recently

    Even our local church hall has one
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