Are BT ripping off their competitors?

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I've been noticing lately that BT appear to be charging more than they're suppose to for calls to other compaies' access number. Today i called a UK mobile number via telestunt and it cost me £1.73 instead of the £.130 it should have. Also, yesterday i called my fiancee in Benin and it should have cost me 3p per minnuit, two abortive attempts to call her should have cost me less than 3p but on Both occasions BT charged me 5p. Are they ripping the competitors and us off?


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    Using Telestunt's 0871 number will cost you 10p/minute to call a UK mobile (not the cheapest way of doing it).

    5p is BT's minimum call charge.
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  • Actually 4.8p is BT's minimum charge. .2p goes to the government.
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    Pardon, crossley?

    VAT is 17.5%.
    We measure the duration of each call to a fraction of a second so you're charged for the actual time you spend on the phone - the minimum charge for each call remains at 4.935p inclusive of VAT, 4.2p exclusive of VAT.
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