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Poll started 15 April 2008:

Have you ever read the Ts and Cs?

Whether it's bank accounts, credit cards or mobile phone contracts, the devil’s in the detail. Yet does anyone actually read it? Which of these is closest to your situation?

Have you ever read the Ts and Cs?

a. Never – don’t understand them - 10% (535 votes)
b. Never – can’t be bothered - 14% (743 votes)
c. Rarely – once or twice in my lifetime - 21% (1156 votes)
d. Occassionally – I try it when its important - 31% (1706 votes)
e. Usually – not for everything, but most things - 17% (935 votes)
f. Always – I would never sign up for anything without a detailed check - 7% (376 votes)

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  • RiqRiq Forumite
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    I have only ever read the T&C's on bookmaker websites when doing my matched betting. It's the most important thing!

    But apart from that, never. Have you ever read a licence agreement on software. Some of the clauses are laughable.

    You are not allowed to use iTunes to develop nuclear weapons. So no listening to that ZZ Top track when messing with Uranium. :(
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  • Judging by the number of whinging posts constantly on MSE from people who obviously don't then they could have the majority!
    Usually just a fleeting read through but not in any great detail. However, if I stuff up then I don't come on here looking for sympathy and the answers I don't want to hear.
  • eddaedda Forumite
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    I do read the T&Cs - which is why I never end up with the cheapest deal (too many get-out clauses) and why I've never joined ebay ;)
  • I make the effort to read the full literature for any accounts I have, so I know what powers I have and what powers the bank has.

    Anyone who doesn't read a legal contract before signing it is an idiot - end of.
  • McSaverMcSaver Forumite
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    I always read the T&Cs because I want to know what I am signing into exactly :)
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  • What does Ts & Cs stand for?

    Texts and Contracts?
  • billshepbillshep Forumite
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    I try and read and digest the important points for important things such as bank accounts and insurance, but if you read and digested the whole T&Cs for everything, you'd never get anything done - they are so long winded and uninteliigable, and seemingly everything these days has a T&C box to click...
  • stogiebear wrote: »
    What does Ts & Cs stand for?

    Texts and Contracts?

    Terms and Conditions

    I'd never sign a contract without reading it.
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  • SueC_2SueC_2 Forumite
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    Always worth a read, you never know what you might find. I was recently given a substantial discount off something I was buying because I was the first person to actually read their (electronic) t&c's since they had merged with another company a few weeks earlier and had adopted the second company's t&c's without realising that parts of them made no sense at all in relation to their own company. The t&c's were immediately withdrawn, and I got a discount. Well worth the fifteen minutes it took me to read them!
  • I am really shocked at the results of this poll. Only 8% always read the T's and C's!!!! How awful. No wonder so many people are ripped off so easily.
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