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The Reason
Having been interviewed by Tonight with Trevor Mc about Ebay the other day - i decided it was time to grasp the internet auction phenomena and dedicate a section of this forum to MoneySaving Ebaying. I hope it'll save you some money!

The Site
For those who don't know it is https://www.ebay.co.uk
The parent company is https://www.ebay.com

Helping the discussion
To get things going and to try and organise the discussion, I have started a number of threads. Each has been made 'sticky' which means it will stay at the top of the board.

However there is nothing stopping you starting your own thread on other subjects.

Consumer rights
Thought a quick note on this would be useful - it all depends whether you are buying off a private seller or a trader.

If it is a UK based trader (someone who makes a living out of buying or selling - the definition is a legal one - and it is very wooly, effectively the courts will decide if someone is a trader) then you have all the usual Sad Fart statutory protections. (read article on those here)

If it is a private seller then your rights are very limited.  Essentially it is 'caveat emptor' - let the buyer beware.  Providing they have not misdescribed what they are selling then you've no real rights if it's bad.  However if they've not described it - then by definition they can't have misdescribed.  So be very very careful.

Of course all this means you have to know who they are and track them too - not the easiest thing on Ebay. As a general rule i say use the "man in the pub" test - would you spend this much money on a man you'd just met in a pub. If yes do it. If not - don't. Just because it is the internet doesn't mean you've that much protection.


NOTE: This is not a discussion thread, it is only a welcome intro, so I have locked it meaning you cannot reply - use the other threads on this board to discuss various elements.
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  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Having just been 'ripped off' on ebay even though paying by Paypal - I would heartily endorse your comment - Buyer beware! -


    My own Credit card company has 'delivered their part of the bargain' so there is no comeback there either.

    I have stopped buying from ebay because of this - although I do think that had I been sensible enough to check the seller's feedback I would not have bid. So - Buyer beware AND check the feedback!

  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    I had been doing lot of buying and a bit of selling through e-bay.

    no major problems from the various transactions, but the QUESTION MARK cames from E-BAY ITSELF!!!

    I changed debit card details, and when i received E-Bay bill I opted for a cheque payment, sending it to the address given of a london bank.

    a couple of weeks later I received an intimidating e-mail about the bill I allegedly hadn't pay...

    tried to contact them by e-mail: no sign of reply still.
    Sent back to the same address lot of printed copies of previuos e-mails and cheque nr.

    got yesterday an other e-mail telling me that if i wont update my details within 24 hrs I will be banned from e-bay, i can't even re-register...???

    not very nice stuff.
  • Ebay customer service is crap someone sold me 3 coins before i paid i contacted the Australian Mint Perth who confirmed the coins where counterfiet.

    I thought right report this to ebay i am not buying them,ebay emailed me back if i did not buy the i would be banned for not paying they dont care if its fake or illegal as long as they get there commission.
  • Reg708Reg708 Forumite
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    I love watches, and realised that the prices were extremely cheap for the expensive watches on ebay. I thought this could be a bargain rado watch, but then id be safe if i enquired with the seller whether the item he was selling was (a) genuine and (b) scratchproof (I know this cos the originals are ). Negative replies for both, and he tells me he has sold hundreds of them!

    If ebay cant be bothered to do anything about this, what better vehicle is there for flogging imatations/copies?
    Reg 708
    Charles J
  • wirmwirm Forumite
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    If this breaches eBays t & c you can report the seller.

    Read my signature below!
  • I have been put off buying anything through ebay again, after not receiving the good I paid for through paypal. I think ebay is not very user friendly at all, and if you actually need to talk to an actual person at ebay that is virtually impossible too!

    They don't even list an email address to contact them on, instead they have these stupid automated email robot service!

    I lost £80 and tried to do a charge back through paypal, but obviously these guys/gals aren't stupid as soon as they have your money, they clear their account and make a new one with a different account so its not possible for any charge back to happen. All you get at the end is an email from paypal saying sorry couldn't get your money back, its not our problem end of story.

    Also I would like to know why it is so hard to retreive the REAL details of the person that commited the fraud through both ebay and paypal, obviuosly they give a fake phone number to ebay which is never verified by ebay (why?) and the same with the sellers address no verification is made. So once you actually receive the sellers FAKE details they are no use!

    If you ask paypal to provide you with the sellers details they say they can't because of confidentiality - even if paypal rule in your favour after the charge back! The only way of standing a hope of getting the sellers details are to get a court order asking paypal to surrrendor the individuals details.

    I just think the whole ebay/paypal system is one big joke and are useless in dealing with fraudulent transactions and are not customer friendly in any way.
  • COSCOS Forumite
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    Today I joined the bidding with 40 seconds left for a Laptop as that was the advertising header. I won the bid but when I read the full advert it states that it is for a Ring tone CD and that I would have to pay a further £20.00 for the address of which I will be put on a list for a FREE Laptop.

    I am refusing to pay and have reported this Seller as he is intentionally misleading.

    As anyone else come across this type SCAM. >:(
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  • divadeedivadee Forumite
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    Wirm has started a campaign against these types of scams cos, ClickHere to have a look and how to complain to e-bay about them. :)
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