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IA's road to becoming a CAB Debt adviser.

HI! For anyone who doesn't know me I'm Sarah. I'm 22 and live in South Staffordshire with my husband Steve and our 2 children, Ashli and Kaitlyn, ages 3 and 1.

I have been a DFW since October 2006, sorting out our debt problems and finances and I'm happy to say that now we're coming out the other side of it.. with our finances and debt now under control. We're not debt free by any means but it's manageable now :)

In January this year we appearing on Martin's show It Pays to Watch talking about our debt and what we've done to deal with it. After the show I had a number of people get in touch with my for advice and tips... at which point it dawned on me that BEING a dfw I'd actually learnt so much on the road to where we were now that

A)It'd be a shame to waste it
B)It would be a shame to not further myself more
C)There might be scope to make a career out of it
D)I was looking for another job anyway.
E)I've been 'helping' people already giving advice and it would be brilliant to be able to take it further.

So.. in february I sent off my details to get information about becoming a CAB volunteer debt adviser. After an interview etc I was accepted but it wasn't that simple. I'd have to do a minimum 6 hours a week and to do this I'd have to put the girls into nursery as Ste works full time 9-5.30 mon to friday. To be able to afford the nursery fees I would have to work 16 hours a week job so we'd get childcare element from the tax credits. After a seemingly endless job search I ended up becoming an Ann Summers Party Organiser, which I've been doing about 3-4 weeks now.

and so here we are... today is my very first day at the CAB. The training is intensive and apparently lasts approx 6-9 months depending on the effort you put in.. but at the end you get a recognised CAB qualification and become a full blown adviser. I'm looking to specialise in debt and finance advice but obviously it's one step at a time. I have had a training day prior to this but today is my first proper day. I'm doing mon and thurs afternoons while the girls are at nursery.

Will update regularly as had to start a new diary anyway because of random '1000 posts per diary' rules which only seem to apply to me.. but there you go..

Catch you later!

Edit forgot to mention that I am also doing and OU 'You and your money course' to go along with the CAB training. :)
I don't do anything by halves! lol!
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  • evab_2
    evab_2 Posts: 2,336 Forumite
    Good luck with all your new ventures, you're a hard-working, determined and supportive person so the CAB job is perfect for you.

    Have a great first day, Ev x
  • mrsclecoco_2
    Good luck i'm in my final year of 6 very looonnnggggg years of a councelling degree, I have been a volunteer at CAB for the last 18 months and if you are determined you will succeed and have a long and fufilling career ahead.
    Proud to be dealing with my debts through cccs
    #3 MAD ebay challange aim £500 so far £390.17 :j
  • Ibex
    Ibex Posts: 69 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I really wish you the best of luck. Sounds hard work but very rewarding.

    Debt at LBM July 06 £35,908 :eek: now £2,250 ish
  • Yay IA new diary for your new chapter!! My how the last 18 months have flown - what a difference a few months make!! (at least in your world!)

    Have a great time today!

    love and hugs to you and the girls
    I stopped smoking 25th June 2007
    STILL Never complacent but confident
    My debt is GOING DOWN!!!!
  • Bismarck
    Bismarck Posts: 2,598 Forumite
    Hi, good for you.

    Thinking of music yesterday when I was doing our company accounts and came across the Manic Street Preachers first album, Generation Terrorists....track 2 is Nat West-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds...written in 1992 but what's changed....

    "Economic forecasts soothe our dereliction
    Words of euthanasia, apathy of sick routine
    Carried away with useless advertising dreams
    Blinding children, life as autonotomes

    NatWest, NatWest-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds
    Blackhorse apocalypse
    Death sanitised through credit
    NatWest, NatWest-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds
    Blackhorse apocalypse
    Death sanitised through credit

    Barclays iron eagle, "33 injection"
    Sold to advertiser, computer execution line
    They give then take away, repossess and crucify
    The more you own the more you are, lonelier with cheap desire"

    good luck with the career...sounds interesting and I can't help feeling there'll be a huge job market opening up over the next 12 to 18 months...
    For what I've done...I start again...And whatever pain may come ...Today this ends... I'm forgiving what I've done -AF since June 2007
  • wendy+5
    wendy+5 Posts: 342 Forumite
    Congratulations! Well done you! :T :T :T
  • Bunnyinthelights
    Bunnyinthelights Posts: 15,278 Forumite
    New diary and new job, new start.
    The only way is up babe!
    Empty pockets never held anyone back, only empty heads and empty hearts can do that -Peale
  • outrageous_monkey
    Congratulations IA!! I think the last time I read it all looked like it was going horribly wrong with CAB and childcare, so I am so pleased you managed to get it all sorted.

    Good luck and best wishes....you go for it!!!
    I also remember the words of my friends, but I would rather have enemies than friends like you :p

    :p would like to make it known that ZubeZubes avvy is a DHN, she's not dancing :o
  • sophie27
    sophie27 Posts: 253 Forumite
    Well done! Its fantastic that you want to build on being a DFW. Best of luck. :D
    It Will be Mine.............ITV Cash Win, Ipod Touch & Spa Break
    I have the comping bug! :D
  • fermi
    fermi Posts: 40,544 Forumite
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    I didn't realise you had made this much progress getting this organised either IA. Good luck for today. :)

    It's an idea that I've been toying with for some time, so I'd love to hear how you get on.
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