Endowment value ?

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I have an endowment with standard life that was origionally linked to my mortgage.......It is no longer linked as I have a repayment mortgage.......There are 10 years left to run on the endowerment and wondered if I could find out how much it will be worth when it matures on current forcasts. It appears that many people that I speak to has been given info as to there short fall but I have not......where do i go ?


  • Standard Life would be a good starting point.

    As I understand it insurance co's have to give forecasts at set rates, which do not take into account any terminal bonus that may or may not be payable.  As terminal bonus used to make up a major part of the final value I think todays forecasts are pretty useless and may in fact encourage people to cash in their policy's.

    If you get a forecast and establish current terminal bonus rates for maturing policies then that may give you an idea of whay you might get.
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    ahh. that recent thread on standard life endowments is proving useful then ;D

    if you havent read it redbaron, then look back a few weeks and you will see some endowment threads where standard life is the company involved.
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