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Cutting a long story short

We put in an offer on a house and put our flat up for sale at the same time. Our friendly ??? estate agent asked us to pop along for an independant mortage assesment.

OK nothing to lose I suppose.

We already with Northern Rock, and had no probs with them, however were advised that Natwest 100% would suit us better. OK we said, you fill in the in principal paperwork and see what they say. we also bank with Natwest, and have done for about 10 yrs so was happy enough.

Anyway, it came back as declined a week later, so I spoke to natwest myself, went through the application again, and guess what, came back as accepted no problems. ??? ???

OK this is where the plot thickens.

So we arranged a meeting with Northern Rock, mainly to sort out how much redemption fees would be, but also to see if we could "port" our mortage and stay with them. So during this meeting, the lady was going through our details and found that our estate agent had done a mortage application in our name >:( a week after we told them that we were sorting the mortage ourselves. I asked if this could be an error, but was shown the screen with all the details that the estate agent had supplied, even the mortage rep's name. Spookily enough this was also declined. So Northern rock were unable to proceed until this was sorted.

We then went back to the estate agents to ask what was going on, only to be told that there definately was no application done. ???

I've left it with them to sort out, but this has left me a bit >:( to say the least.

Anyone got any thoughts on what we can done, or infact, if this type of thing happens a lot? ???



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    It's only my opinion but every single "Independent" mortgage adviser I've had the misfortune to be introduced to by an Estate agent or been based in an agents office has been utter utter sh$%. And most of the time they pulled up awful deals from very few lenders.

    No idea to why they have issued searches in your name, that sonds very dodgy, especially given the agents name is appearing within them
  • yes m8, does sound very dodgy.

  • You should of got northern rock to print it off so they coudn't deny it ,then you would have had proof :)
  • You should of got northern rock to print it off so they coudn't deny it ,then you would have had proof :)

    Tried m8, they said cos of data protection bla bla they couldnt, i was able to copy down the ref number and id number though, and now estate agents are at least acknowledging that it has been done, though they dont know how or why? ???

  • Seems they are still at it out there. There is no harm in asking more than 1 provider and never take their first answer as de facto.

    Reminds me of an estate agent from 1999. I can get you a discount rate at X% from BS A. Great I thought, I have already applied to them and are going to get discount of X+Y%!

    In the same application, I approached bank I had been with for umpteen years and said. 'Give me the best rate on a mortgage'. Their offer was a polite refusal, but I know some one who can help. Fine, I thought, so they rang me. Great, I thought I could have a mortgage at more than twice the base rate. Fantastic I thought, no longer did I have to traipse round town and do the thing myself. After pinching myself, I walked the high street, meeting various conspicuous looking 'spotted - mercers' and eventually asked a nice lass in a BS. She broke every rule in the book to get, and still have, my business.

    So although it appears the EA you visited was more interested in selling you the product he wanted to sell you, rather than the one that suited you. Want I would do is to take my business elsewhere. And remember, if you're should consider buying, you do not have to use the first person you see to get a mortgage.
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    Tried m8, they said cos of data protection bla bla they couldnt

    ROFL. They are blaming data protection but that is actually the thing that gives you the right to see it. Not for them to withhold it.
    I am an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). The comments I make are just my opinion and are for discussion purposes only. They are not financial advice and you should not treat them as such. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser local to you.

  • ROFL.  They are blaming data protection but that is actually the thing that gives you the right to see it.  Not for them to withhold it.
    I agree, it's information about you ,they can't withold it .............what a mad world we live in  ::)
    but at least you got some info to work with
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    You can serve a Data Subject Access Request on Northern Rock, which means they have to provide you with copies of all information relating to you. It costs a fixed fee of £20 IIRC. If you want to do it, write to their Data Protection Officer at their head office. There are prescribed timescales within which they have to reply (45 days IIRC?)
  • OK thats fair enough, but the problem is not that Northern Rock have the info, it's the fact that the estate agent's mortage advisor has applied in the first place, without our consent, then denying any such activity. If it wasnt for the fact the we have had a good offer I would tell them where to stick their for sale sign ;D

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