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    By the way, how come online banking takes so long to update details of accounts?! It drives me mad waiting to see if balance transfers and payments have gone through! I just want to know it has so that I can get a bit of peace of mind on these things and consider the next tiny bite of my debt as paid off!

    I know I have no patience with these things, but I really don't understand why it can't all be a lot quicker in these modern electronic times.:mad: Sort it out online banking and CC people!! After all, what else is all my lovely interest and late fees getting spend on?! :D
  • Just a quick note to say hi & well done on your debt diary so far. You're doing well increasing your income, but have you looked at your outgoings for possible savings?

    SOA's are a great way to take stock of your monthly outgoings and really help show you which areas you can cut back on. I've never published one on here, but have read loads of advice have snipped,cut and hacked everything and have made some massive savings. I'm sure you know there are some really helpful people who'll suggest ways to make savings for you. Any money you can free up will all help paying it off.

    Good luck & all the best
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  • Thanks helliecopter for the kind words. Although it's not in this diary, I did indeed post an SOA the first time I came onto the board, and it was really helpful. There's not actually that much more I can trim back on, I am really really careful these days since I want my debt-free day to come as soon as possible!!

    On that subject, some great news at long last. I got my tax statement today from back when I was self-employed.....and instead of it being a bill for £1600 as I thought it would be, it's the grand sum of....wait for it.....£126.52!!! :D:D:D

    AND I think they've got it wrong since they've included a payment for a period when I wasn't self-employed, so I suspect they actually owe me money!! Oh happy days, please let that be true. I'm going to ring them tomorrow to find out.

    Anyway, even if that's not the case, today's news alone has brought my Debt Free Date forward by several months, and taken me under the 40k mark. I'm soooo happy!!! :rotfl:
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    hi, just been reading your diary - I posted for the 1st time this week and it's surprising how writing a diary (even if you think you are rambling on to yourself at times!) makes you really focused and motivated.

    great news about the taxman (bet that's a sentence that doesn't get said very often!) let's hope when you speak to them today that they will confirm that they owe you money.. think of how many months that will knock off your debt free date.

    good luck!
  • Thanks Skintmam. Well, it's been a while because my internet connection has been down for ages...aaah, it's good to be back! The diary does indeed keep me focused.

    I have some good news....I've been offered more hours with both of my jobs during the summer, when I'm not at college! I worked out that I can make about 3 grand between May and September, plus more if I work crazy hours, but I don't know how long I could keep up 12 hour days plus weekends! Then again, it would help clear one of my cards, so it's a very tempting idea indeed.

    On the bad side, I am going to a do this weekend so went on a little shopping spree this week. But I only spent £13.50, and for that I got a cardigan, a pair of sunglasses and ten pairs of earrings, so I don't feel too bad about it!!

    I rang the taxman and they told me to write in...now of course I can't wait to hear from them!! A tax rebate would be simply wonderful.....

    V xxxx
  • Hey hey, I won £20 on free bingo tonight!! I never thought it would actually happen as the site is normally packed, but I guess it was my lucky night!

    I then banked £15 of it and played on roulette with the other £5 (where the odds of winning are much better than on bingo) and I made the fiver up to £11.50 before I lost my nerve. So I basically won £26.50 in total tonight which I have withdrawn...yay me!

    That puts me about on target for my April £5 a day target, which is good news because I hadn't done anything about it in ages. Now off to have a cup of tea to celebrate my little win...good old bingo, it's done me well over the last couple of months!!:D
  • Aaargh, I feel like I'm coming right off track. This week has been awful for spending; I got my hair cut because I wanted to look nice for a do I was at yesterday, and I ended up frittering another tenner away this week on things like coffees and chocolate!! :rolleyes: Plus I've hardly done any AQA this month at all!

    GRRRR....I must not, must not be this way next week, otherwise I'm going to slip over my overdraft limit again and end up paying more charges!! I'm thinking of trying the old debit card in the mug of water in the freezer trick...maybe I'll withdraw some cash tonight and try to make that last me for the week.

    V xxx
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    this is why a diary is great ...we all fall off the wagon at some point i dont know anyone that hasnt but if you keep posting and reading others you will get back on track ...in the mean time try and have a think if anything set you off did you grudge paying some of the debt off with the money you won perhaps? maybe you have tightened your belt too tight and need to loosen it evey now and then? do you have a treats budget? do you need one?....try and think these things through and in the meantime thanks for helping others see that it isnt all plain sailing...it's a process we need to go through and will continue to go through ...but it's worth it in the end ...and just think when your df you can look back and see exactly how hard you worked at it well done
  • Thanks elantan for your words of support. I don't know why I've been bad this week...I think maybe that the pressures of college and having three part-time jobs have been getting to me a little! However, college finishes in a month, so I know that things will get better after that.
    I don't have an official treats budget as I was trying to save every penny that I could, but I see now that maybe putting £5 a week towards a treat for myself might be a good idea.
    The money I won hasn't come through yet, but I shall be putting it straight back into my account to make up for my haircut splurge! I just wanted to look nice for once, and that's not always so easy to do with things like hair and makeup. But I'm back on track now - I'm determined to keep pushing those pesky debts down!!
  • I've had a good money day today. I only spent £2.50 on a return train ticket to get to work today, nothing else. I took food into work and even made packed lunchy-wunchy for my darling other half. He's been spending quite a lot recently, so I'm trying to help him cut down a bit too; although he had a big pay rise a couple of weeks ago which I think has made him feel like treating himself! And why not....he's not the one in heaps of debt!!:p

    I really need to get revising, as I have exams in just three weeks time...yikes! It's hard though, I always feel like something has to give; at the moment I might be saving money, but on the other hand I'm being naughty and eating lots of biscuits! If I was eating well, then the house would probably be a tip. Is there anyone who manages to be good in all areas of their life at once? I find it impossible! I guess I just can't resist being a bit naughty in one way or another!

    V xxx
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