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    I remember the days when Martin had time to e-mail MSE members.

    My first e-mail from Martin was when I registered in August 2003. He said:


    :cool: :D
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    Steven Fry has now got a podcast on iTunes, free to subscribe too and IMHO very funny, probably the most intelligent man in the UK, and a gent as well.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I always felt really honoured to get a reply from Martin in the early days, I'd feel even more honoured now. :D
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  • Stephen Fry's current blog is worth a read too: http://www.stephenfry.com

    His blog is particularly witty: http://www.stephenfry.com/blog
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    First celeb I emailed ... that's a secret.;)

    But I do admit that, back in my youth (80's), I tracked down the home address for a up-and-coming pop star, and I just turned up on his doorstep one evening. He wasn't in. But his mum was! And she was really sweet about it.

    (P.S. Martin, if you're reading, I don't just turn up on people's doorsteps anymore!)
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  • Emailing Stephen Fry?

    That's a bit worrying isn't it?
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    I won't empty my PM inbox then Martin, I might never get another from you LOL.
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  • I so hate all the spammers who are effectively closing the internet down, not just with the sheer volume of their spam slowing networks but by forcing internet-valuable sites such as your own to take such stringent security measures that many people, particularly the elderly may well give up trying to work out how to register etc and thus deprive you of their feedback and experiences with various products.

    In addition, newspaper blogs and feedbacks have never been so dull with only the most persistent readers bothering to jump through all the hoops needed to allow their comments. And sometimes readers have legitimate reasons for wanting to include a website or blog address as part of their feedback and cannot now do so on many feedback sites, even when they have fully registered, again owing to the risk of spam.

    However I guess it was inevitable that good egg Mr Fry would have to close his doors, regardless of the spammers, just by dint of the sheer numbers of people wishing to communicate with him. How nice you got that reply though and that he did reply whilst he could. Not everyone does.
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    Very similar story, I was a child magician, and looking on the internet for inspiration, saw the website for a then-very famous American magician (The Pendragons if anyone cares/knows!), emailed, and got the nicest most supportive email back from them, and even arranged to meet them on a trip to the US. That really was what the internet was about...back then (along with a LOT of crap!). Shame its been distorted in so many ways. Still wouldnt live without it though!! :)

    (I then became a professional magician for 2 years....true story!)
  • Martin,

    I didn't know you used to be a stand up comic - Whereabouts did you ply your wares? I help out at the XS Malarkey Comedy Club in Manchester, and we've had Gary Delaney play there a few times. Gary is absolutely fantastic and I'd thoroughly recommend anyone to go and see him (well, anyone over 18 with a broad minded sense of humour anyway)
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