Getting red wine off walls

We had a bit of an accident in our halls of residence last night, there is now a pattern of red wine down the walls, wondered what would take it out, except scrubbing till the paint comes off?

Thanks for anyhelp,




  • Good ole white vinegar saves the day again ;D.
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  • Hi Petree

    Firstly, what on earth were you doing???!!! (OK, you don't have to tell us if you don't want to!)
    If the walls are papered then painted you may be better off just re-painting as washing down will cause the paper to flake off quite quickly. If the walls are just painted with emulsion a gentle washing down in diluted bleach water (beware of not dripping on the carpet, the bleach will take the colour out) may do the trick, try on a small area first. If it is a washable paint (again, test) then you may be able to gently scrub with one of those green scratchy pads.

    Good luck ;)
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    Have you tried the magic stain remover, I think Flash make it?
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  • I would have thought sugar soap would take it off, or is it not white wine you need to throw at the red wine :o
  • I used Wine Away from It costs £8.95 for 360ml, but is worth every penny. I don't know if it works on hard surfaces, but did a fabulous job on my sofa and new beige wool carpet! <it was a housewarming party! ::)>

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  • Evening lovely OS board!

    I'm hoping someone may have some brilliant ideas regarding the following, however, please remember I am in Berlin and we don't have the genius of stardrops over here! :)

    I have white walls. Last night my friends came round with red wine, the bottle exploded and now there is wine up the walls!

    As I'm moving out in less than a month, and quite frankly the kitchen was a state before I moved in anyway, I'm loathe to faff about going to buy paint & brushes etc.

    Does anyone know any sneaky tricks to get the wine out?

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    A careful scrub with a mild abrasive like baking powder would be my first attempt at cleaning it if regular detergent failed.
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    Hi marksandsparksgal,

    There's an earlier thread with some suggestions so I've added your question to it to keep the ideas together.

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    I've used kitchen spray (the kind with bleach) very successfully even on white blown vinyl wallpaper.

    Hope that helps,

  • Thanks for moving the thread, and I will try the vinegar suggestion tomorrow.

    Thanks again!

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