HELP!!! New UNREGISTERED Gas Supply from 2003

We have been converting a former stable building into a dwelling over the past five years. The building was originally an annexe to another building which had a gas supply and the annexe shared this. We separated the title of the buildings and all the utilities, and had new independent utilities connected, (Council Tax, electric, water, telephone and gas supplies). We have been paying for all the utilities, except for gas so far, which has somehow remained unregistered with a supplier. We assumed that British Gas would be billing us, but so far no bill has been produced. I have now received a letter from "xoserve" who deal with unregistered gas supplies advising us that we need to choose a supplier with which to register, and to register within the next 14 days max. I am obviously aware that we must owe quite a lot of money having not paid for any gas used so far, and that this spans about 5 years-albeit the house was unoccupied for most of that whilst undergoing conversion/building works. The current meter reading is 05182.34 and we have not yet been billed for any of this useage. I do not know which supplier is best to choose (as it is not a switch but a brand new supply) and I am worried about the size of the first bill - will I have to pay it all in one go? and does anybody know how I can work out roughly how much it will be, so that I am prepared for it? What a nightmare!!!:confused:


  • EnergyMan_3
    Good news - You won't have to pay any of it. The only people who can charge you for gas is an energy supplier and since the supply was un-registered, you've used all that gas for free!!! No more than £1000!! When you decide on choosing a supplier, they will not be able to charge you for the gas that you have used because it wasn't their gas that you used.
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    Even if the gas was registered with BG, you would only have pay for the last 12 months estimated consumption - so it would not be in your interests to declare that most of the consumption was recent!!!

    As you almost certainly have a metric meter, and assuming the meter was at zero originally, you will have used approx 58,000kWh and the average price over the last 5 years would be approx 2.5/kWh (bear in mind that a lot of that gas would be Tier 1 prices) so you would have spent about £1500.
  • LNC_2
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    That sounds like great news, almost too good to be true? Things like this never happen to me, I'm always far too honest, but with this issue, I have been burying my head in the sand a bit and just waiting for an enormous bill to come thru! I worked out the current meter reading of 5182 to amount to £3,631.68 are you sure I won't have to pay someone for it? (hoping not!).
  • Cardew
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    LNC wrote: »
    I worked out the current meter reading of 5182 to amount to £3,631.68 are you sure I won't have to pay someone for it? (hoping not!).

    I think your calculation was on the assumption that your gas meter was one of the older Imperial meters which measure in cubic feet. 1 unit is 100 cubic feet and is approx 31kWh.

    Almost certainly a meter fitted in the last 10 years would be metric and 1 unit is 1 cubic metre and is approx 11.2kWh

    If you look at the meter is will have Cu ft or M3 in small print.
  • Zackybong1
    I have just had an intersting 24 hours! With all the hype surrounding the gas price increases I checked our dual Bill (with E.ON), which my wife has always handlled, only to discover that we were only registered with them for electricity supplies!

    As no-one had billed us for years, we got scared. We phoned British Gas (who we think were our last supplier, maybe as far back as 1999) but they had no record of us. We phoned the national gas grid (Transco) who informed us that they had no information on our supplier, but did know our meter number, which was changed in may 2007. Somehow when we switched suppliers (for what we thought was a dual fuel supply) the gas account "got lost" and we have had an unregistered gas supply since about the year 2000 possibly. Hard to tell.

    This is quite easy to do when you pay by Direct Debit, as we do. The quarterly bills just drop into the file, and no attention is paid until 35% increases are on the cards.

    I cannot tell you what a relief this page has been to us! We were expecting a £2000 backdated bill, or at least a fight in the courts over who was liable. It was a good point made that we would not know who to pay, as we had no supplier. We can also say that we have not failed to pay a Bill, as we have never had one.

    I still can't believe that this is the end, but we have now registered the supply with Atlantic Electric & Gas, who come out top of the searches for price if you are a direct debit customer. I have set up a Direct Debit for £35 per month, as I have no idea how much my gas will cost. Funny-old-world!

    The question is, should I have said anything, or just kept quiet? The jury is out on this one...

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