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thinking about buying a breadmaker? wait - read - mine makes sausages

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thinking about buying a breadmaker? wait - read - mine makes sausages

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apprentice_tycoonapprentice_tycoon Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Until I hit this site I didn't want a breadmaker but I have read so much about them and it seems that every other person posting on Old Style owns one so I thought long and hard about making a purchase.

Luckily I've come to my senses and realised that I already own my breadmaker - which is also my cake and sausage maker, it can mince meat, grind spices, peel potatoes, slice beans, make juice, make pasta, liquidise soup and make smoothies.....and more (the link is to a site that sells older models, and attachments

This wonderous machine is a Kenwood Chef, mine doesn't look quite as flash as the stainless steel ones, it was bought second hand 8 years ago for £35.00 and came with a cake beater and dough hook, the previous owner had added the coffee/spice grinder, mincer and liquidiser, these I bought for an extra £15.00. Because I fancied having a go at making sausages I later bought the tube attachment that fits on to the mincer.

It goes without saying that it makes cakes very easily and it mixes perfect bread dough in 6 minutes, the mincer is great and the sausages that I make are dead easy, the beauty of home made sausages is that I know exactly what goes into them.
I was so curious about breadmakers that I started a thread asking if owning a breadmaker would make you fat - I got a few comments in both directions but I know that if I had spent between £50 - £90,00 on a machine I would feel compelled to use it - often - so we would be pigging out on bread.
Because the Chef makes /does other things and cost me very little - particularly in relation to what it can do - I don't feel that I have to use it every day to justify the original outlay.
It's worth noting that the machine has been around for at least 30 years (I got my first one in 1978) and all the attachments will fit any age machine, they alter the design cosmetically every few years but the crucial 'docking' areas that attachments fit in don't alter.

Yesterday I made 2 batches of bread and out of curiosity I made a note of the time I started and finished, it was 2 hours from weighing out the ingredients until the 6 (12 ounce) bloomer loaves came out of the oven, that's a weeks bread for the freezer and only one lot of washing up to do and around 10 minutes hands-on time

So after much pondering I'm sticking with just my Chef, it does everything I want in the one machine


  • tr3mortr3mor Forumite
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    i've been wanting one of these for ages, they're so expensive, even second hand, but would be well worth it if i could find a good 'un.
  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    it makes sausages?!

    i want one!! sooooo jealous of you AT :D
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  • raebleraeble Forumite
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    My Nan has got one of these. I would try and get it off her if I had any worktop space - it's not like she's using it. I must say I'm surprised that the Kenwood Chef & the like don't come down in price - they've been stuck at around the £300 mark new for years.
  • PookyPooky Forumite
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    I have a cheapie mixer along side my BM - i've got dough hooks too but I wouldn't be without the BM, I like to know I can chuck it all in one pot - switch it on and leave it - I'm hopeless at timings and often forget i'm cooking something - would happen all the time with the bread.

    As I said in the previous thread - i'm eating less bread because it's more filling and I've now lost over a stone and a half. If i've got bread left over that I won't be using the next day, I'll slice it and freeze it.

    Would love to have a go at making sausages tho - anyone know of any cheap machines I could try????
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  • larmy16larmy16 Forumite
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    Tycoon thanks for that! However, I refuse to feed my consumerist ego into thinking it needs yet another gadget. We can hardly move in my kitchen as it is!!!! :D
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  • BWZN93BWZN93 Forumite
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    I have not yet bought a breadmaker, but happened to see a kenwood chef a few weeks back and realised that would be more convenient, and am pin saving for one and a slowcooker - although ill be ebaying for one! I really like the idea of doing so much in one gadget!

    I cant wait till xmas (might tell boyf where pin money is and what I want, and see if 'santa' brings me one for xmas!)

    Jo xx
  • culpepperculpepper Forumite
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    I did a swap on another site for a Kenwood chef and spare motor as it's one was burnt out but when I got it,it didn't have a spare motor,it was a spare gearbox :(
    Anyway,I'd been planning to use it for breadmaking so ordered a BM and quite happy with it.Ive got a kenwood food processor for all other cooking.
    I saw a cooking prog on tv where they made sausages using a mincer and then put the mixture in a piping bag and squeezed it out into sausage shapes.They didn't bother putting it in skins but just cooked it as skinless sausages.
  • nabowlanabowla Forumite
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    Mum's had the same Kenwood since she got married over 30 years ago and it's still going strong. I'm definitely getting one when I've got a few pennies to spare!

    There's always lots of Kenwoods for sale on Ebay. There are some real bargains if you're prepared to buy one that's a few years old - you should be able to get one for around 50 pounds if you buy a late 70s/early 80s model. Many of the models on sale are wedding presents that have sat in the cupboard virtually unused for 20+ years and are in mint condition. The attachments (sausage filler etc) also seem to be fairly easy to pick up, even for the older models.
  • Indeed my mum got her KC free with an electric cooker when she & my dad moved into their first house in the late 1960s. It's still going strong and has been well used (by my mum) and abused (by me & my son).....
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  • marybmaryb Forumite
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    You need to be a bit careful buying attachments for kenwoods as there are two different model 'families' and the attachments are not interchangeable. the 700 series will not fit a 900 series machine. Best thing is to check the codes on the Kenwood website as they will tell you which family your kenwood belongs to. Then you can be confident about buying from ebay which always has lots of attachments for sale
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