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gibbojenegibbojene Forumite
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I don't know if anyone else has expereinced this but I have got my credit report from and its seems to be missing alot of i safe to assume some creditors havent appeared on my Credit file therefore I dont owe them money?


  • rayday2rayday2 Forumite
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    There are 3 credit agencies you need to check with all 3 before you jump to conclusions like that.

    Experian is one, callcredit and Equifax are the three agencies.
  • It says it get reports from all three agencies though...
  • rayday2rayday2 Forumite
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    When I did it mine was not very accurate and had bits missing when I signed up with checkmyfile I found them all on there.
  • fermifermi Forumite
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    gibbojene wrote: »
    It says it get reports from all three agencies though...

    They most certainly DO NOT.

    They only list one of the seven (ish) accounts of mine that should be listed. Which suggests in my case they only obtained information from Call Credit.:rolleyes:

    I tried the free report out of interest, but wouldn't trust it for one second.:rolleyes:

    Despite the marketing, the information provided by annualcreditreport is nearly always far from complete.

    annualcreditreport are not not one of the three genuinely independent Credit Reference Agencies. Instead they get their information from at best one or two of those, resulting in often incomplete or out of date information.

    The three proper agencies are:

    Experian Ltd
    Consumer Help Service
    PO Box 8000
    NG80 7WF
    0870 241 6212

    Equifax Plc
    Credit File Advice Centre
    PO Box 1140
    BD1 5US

    Call Credit Plc
    Consumer Services Team
    PO Box 491
    LS3 1WZ
    0870 060 1414

    Even with these, to get the fullest picture you need to obtain reports from all three. And even then there is no guarantee that all debts will be listed.

    Credit Reference Files can be a useful tool in working out what you owe, but you cannot depend on the information being 100% accurate or complete.
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  • Paul_HerringPaul_Herring Forumite
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    gibbojene wrote: »
    It says it get reports from all three agencies though...
    They lie, or you've perhaps misunderstood.

    I too find their report incomplete and inaccurate. My last report taken in February this year does not have my current address (I moved last November.)

    I am on the electoral role under my current address (and was when the information was allegedly taken by ACR.)

    My Experian/Equifax reports (again, taken in Feb) had the correct address.
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