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Do these machines ever work?!?!?!
I just think I'll give up going to one anymore and walk/drive that extra bit to Northern Bank ones!
Every time I got to one it's OUT OF SERVICE.
Is it solely a problem with the BOI machines in Derry or is it BOI province-wide?


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    My nearest ATM is a BOI one too, in Camlough, deepest S.Armagh - about two miles from where I live. It only dispenses £20 notes when it is actually in service, which isn't very often. The next nearest ATM is three miles from Camlough. I have more or less given up on ATMs now, and just get cashback in Costcutters though I have to buy something in order to get the cashback. But yes, it is damn annoying when you need cash and you have a choice of 1 ATM machine which is frequently out of service.
  • I have two BOI ATM's next to me....within 25 yards of one another. When one goes, the other does soon afterwards. Next nearest machine is at the other end of the village. Always have problems with the ATM at the service staion across from the tennis court on the Point road in Newry as well. I think they try to save on the cost of the armoured deliveries....and hang the consumer needing to get at their cash.
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