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Incapacity benefit ispayable depending on NI contributions.Incapacity is paid at a lower rate initially, additions can be made depending on age at time of claim and whether you are entitled to claim for a partner as well, after 28 weeks of illness the payment goes up to a higher short term rate, then   after 52 weeks it increases to the higher long term rate.


  • I could be wrong (Miniar would know for sure I think) but I dont believe SSP and IB are the same thing. I think SSP is what a person receives from their company before being given IB (?)

    Also, as Miniar said, IB is paid at a lower rate initially but if I'm not mistaken, the amount of IB is generally higher the younger a person is?

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    ssp is paid by an employer, when that runs out you need to make a claim for IB, it doesn't automatically mean you will get it.

    The age additions to incapacity benefit  mean that a younger person will get more than an older person as it's dependent on their age when they became ill.
  • Yup. I think the age thing also takes into account the possibility of the unwell person not being able to work again, hence a younger person receiving a higher benefit, as they could potentially be out of work for much longer than, say, a 50 year old.

    Benefits are such a jungle.
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    The person in question is my wife (52), it looks as though she will be long term ill as she has lost her balance due to shingles affecting her sensory nerve. The payment of £64.35 Inc/Ben plus £39.95 DLA (mobility award) is paid to her currently. I should add that for the first six months she was on full pay, then in her second six months, her pay was reduced 50%, the Inc/Ben kicked in.
  • Yes, the first two 6-month periods are generally SSP - the first 26 weeks is at 100% salary, the next is at 50%, then incapacity kicks in, as long as GP/Benefits Agency deem it so.

    £64.35 per week isnt very much at all, but as Miniar said, the more mature a person is, the less IB they receive, as the higher rate generally goes to those who are less mature
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    SSP is payable for up to 28 weeks, it's at the discretion of the employer whether they make up the wages to 100%, after 28 weeks you need to claim IB
  • This may be a useful link for easy to understand info on IB

    the differing rates for age are under/over pension age plus an additional chunk on the long term benefit if you were under 45 at date of first claiming.

    as for the DLA, the only age difference is if you are under 16.

    Not very much to live on I know, I've been doing it for almost a year now, but apparently, that's all we need!!!!! Not sure how they work it out though... bet none of the rate setters have ever tried living on benefits!
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    Incapacity Benefit can be paid even if you haven't sufficient NI contributions (or like me only paid Reduced Married Woman's contributions). Like Martin I have RSI (repetitive strain injury) and have been pensioned off by my company. I have, therefore, been able to claim Incapacity Benefit because I get Industrial Injuries Benefit. As with Incapacity Benefit you have to be assessed by a State doctor, usually every year to begin with and then at longer intervals, until in my case I get Industrial Injuries Benefit for life.

    Hope this helps.

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    Todays the day my wife is required to be seen/examined by a Medical person, ref Inc/Benefit. She is working herself up over it. What we would dearly like is for them to ask her to walk unaided, yet we know only too well that if she does, within half a dozen steps she will fall. Then what ? fracture ?. I will report back tonight, (hopefully). Oh, and thanks for all the above help.
  • I have been through three of these dont worry it just one bored doctor taking a statement of events leading to the illness.
    Do not do anything you do not want to , they are doctors bound by the same medical ethics.
    Best of luck.
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