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Me and my boyf are going to Scotland for a few nights at the end of August. We are planning to stay in Oban for 2 nights and want to stay close to Edinburgh for another night so we can get the bus/train into Edinburgh and spend the day there. Where would you recommend staying outside Edinburgh which is nice?

Help appreciated.




  • Has no one got any advice for me??? I thought this was a Scottish board??
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    Supergran wrote:
    Has no one got any advice for me??? I thought this was a Scottish board??

    You and hornyrhino may get a response during the coming week. There tend to be less members logged in on a weekend. Wednesday afternoon and Thursday are peak times for this site. If you haven't had a response by then.........bump this thread up, to make it top of the pile and more likely to be read.

    I'm sorry I can't suggest a place outside of Edinburgh for you. I tend to stay in the Scottish Highlands. If you have a look at the thread 'Planning a holiday in Scotland and like wildlife?' it might give you some ideas for your trip.

    Hope that helps.
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    Portobello a suburb of Edinburgh situated on the coast with a pleasant walkway right along the beach. Musselburgh also situated on the coast with a harbour,river walk,race course,golf course lots of pubs...good ice cream shops ..Lucas and Di Rollos..lots of buses passing through...
    There are several hotels and B&Bs in each town. The Woodside Hotel in Musselburgh overlooks the race course and does good bar lunches and functions. I am too local to have stayed in any of them.
    There is a Travel Lodge in Musselburgh but it is well out of town and not to my knowledge on any of the regular bus routes.l
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    Theres a travel inn, morrison link about 20 seconds walk from haymarket station. Its only a fifteen minuite wlak from princes street, if that.

    Why not just go straight to edinburgh and then you can go out on the town at night and spend the next day shopping or in the gallaries!

    Theres loads of fantastic places to go for free right in the centre of edinburgh!
    That mrs macchicken to you!
  • Hi. I posted a message from my mums computer yesterday, hence 'supergran' login!!

    Thanks for your replies. We wanted to stay out side Edinburgh because it would be a little cheaper and also parking in Edinburgh is terrible.
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    Fraid I don't know specific websites to check (never needed to find accommodation in Edinburgh as I live here) but the area of Newington is very popular with lots of guest houses (so cheaper than hotels) and is around 15 minutes bus ride from city centre.

    Any other information re-your visit, I'd be more than happy to help.
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    Linlithgow is very nice and about 20 mins (£6.50) on the train, Bo'ness isn't as nice but would probably be a lot cheaper and is only a short bus ride from Linlithgow, further west Falkirk is a lot bigger but not as picturesque. I don't know much going east from Edinburgh but am sure there are lots of nice little villages. You're best bet would be to look where the train line goes then at least you are guaranteed easy access to Edinburgh. I did a quick search on Google using the name of the town and B&B and got quite a few decent websites. Edinburgh and many places close by will be very busy in August because of the Festival, many people even stay in Glasgow or that area and travel throught as its only about 50 mins on the train, where ever you decide I would check availability soon.
    Hope this helps
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    stirling is a nice place ...good shopping, restaurants, historical stuff and a castle!..less than an hour by train or bus into edinburgh.
    or Fife? Edinburgh in the summer can be expensive and difficult to find accommodation.
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    Musselburgh is nice as is NorthBerwick. Gullane and Direlton which are all on to the East Coastline of the outskirts of Edinburgh. Gullane can be more expensive than Edinburgh though but there are lots of Golf Courses and nice beaches in all of the above.

    Have you tried the website which is noted on the other post which is they seem to have a good choice.
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    What about trying Holiday Inn Express in Leith, that has parking and is on a good route for buses into town (10 min ride) and is next door to Ocean Terminal which has shops, cinema, restaurants. Or there is a Travel Inn further along, probably down as Travel Inn Newhaven Quay or something similar, again on a good bus route.
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